Pain in left testicle when sitting down

Hello, I am 19 years of age. These past two months I've been having ongoing testicle pain while sitting down, it's like a dull ache and it comes and goes. I've been to the doctors about it and I was told I might have something called "epididymitis". However I am so worried about it as i've taken one weeks worth of antibiotics to treat it and the pain is still there. I cant feel a lump whats so ever but it feels a bit sore to touch at the tube? of the testicle. I've had all blood tests and the GP felt my testicle and said it feels fine. Im just so worried, I just feel like i need some type of advice.


To add, ive been having lower back pain when sitting/laying down and I've been having to clear my throat of mucus, I recently went for an X-Ray on my chest to see if there was any anomalys but my lungs were fine.

  • Hi Sweeper. 

    I waited about 6 weeks for a non-urgent ultrasound of my testicles.  I was suffering from random testicle pain and repeated episodes of epididymitis.  The scan was clear. 

    I've suffered from these pains, off and on, for at least 20 years.  I don't know what causes them. 

    My only practical suggestion is to ensure you have adequate pain-killers to hand when the pain strikes.  This is worth discussing with your GP.

  • Hello Sweeper and thank you for your post in the Ask the Nurses part of Cancer Chat,

    I am sorry to hear about the pain you have and I can appreciate you are worried about it. So far no test has come back with any worrying results and you are now waiting to have the ultrasound scan.  You will have to wait until you have had this done to understand if there is anything the matter. I am afraid that no one here can diagnosis you.  

    How long you will wait will depend on the type of referral that was made, for example if a cancer is suspected you would wait about 2 weeks, although this is a longer wait in some hospitals. If it is a non-urgent referral it may take 18 weeks, although some people are seen earlier. So to understand more about the type of referral that was done and how long you could wait do talk with the doctor that arranged it. 

    Waiting for tests and then the results can be a worrying time so I hope you have some support.  In the meantime if your pain is a problem do talk with your GP about how best to manage it 

    I hope you will be okay. Please get back to us if you need any more information or support.  You may find it helpful to talk things through with one of the nurses on our helpline.  The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

    Take care,


  • I am currently experiancing these exact same symptoms as the first post, I went to the doctor last week and he prescribed me antibiotics, I finish the course tomorrow, my lower back is also injured and the doctor did wonder if this was connected (pinched nerve maybe). Urine and blood all clear. Pain is mainly when driving in the car. I too have been having to clear my throat/lungs (clear flem) but I wonder if that is a reaction to the antibiotics.

    Anyway, back to the doctors tomorrow to see how the antibiotics worked (no difference after 8 days so far)


  • Hey Clark, sorry to hear that you're experiencing the same sypmtoms for me. After all the weeks worrying about my testicular pain, I realised I had major health anxiety. I was so scared of getting cancer and the worry just wouldnt stop, until the pain stopped. Its been around 8ish months and Im no longer having any symptoms. I guess I was just worrying about it so much that I was making it worse maybe? Idk, if theres any science behind that. I mustve messaged the doctors about 30 times a month nearly worrying so much about all these different symptoms but as time went on the pain just went. Also that goes to anyone else suffering from health anxiety, trust me it will get better I promise you.

  • Hi Mark, 


    I'm suffering with the same bloody thing, I had surgery on my groin and then had an infection from there, it's making me feel like I am going crazy, I go onto antibiotics which clear the pain in my testicle area but I have a dull ache in infuinal area where it meets with your abdomen. I'm just seeing if your nerve treatment worked for you? 

  • Hi Ben,

    Aww really! I hope things get better for you! 
    I have been going through this now for nearly a year which is crazy! 
    I tried pain medication amitriptyline which didn't work well for me and then I went on gabapentin for a few months on Several doses but I just kept feeling fatigue while taking them so I have now been referred to try nerve block injections to see if this will help with the pain but with the pandemic I think this may be a while till then! 

    but in regards to the medication I know people it has worked for, just not me unfortunately! 

    With your surgery was that done because of nerve pain and to try and get rid of it/decrease or was it a different surgery that's left you in pain? 

    Also if anyone reading this and in the same or similar situation needs to chat feel free to get in touch.

    Be a good way to connect with someone who's going through the same situation as I know it's not that many others who may deal with this or similar conditions.


  • Hello I am 27 and I have a similar story, with pain in my right testicle when I sit down, yet related to varicose veins. 

    I have varicose veins on both my legs, and over the last year or so I occassionally felt pain in my right testicle when I sat down with tighter shorts / trousers / underwear. Pain occured about every 2 weeks. I went to check if I had varicocele by an ultrasound scan about a year ago and nothing was found. The doctor inspected and also couldnt find anything. 

    I was strongly convinced that this pain must be related to the varicose veins, which are slowly getting worse with age, as so was the pain in the testicle becoming more frequent. So I decided to get the vein in my right leg removed. 

    2 days ago I had the varicose veins removed in my right leg (using a local anestetic, local injections around the vein and a lazer to burn it out). Vein removed from knee up to the groin area.  I had hoped that this would help with the tesicular pain, however it has done the opposite. Now, every time I sit down I feel pain in my right testicle. I went to the A&E last night for a doctor to see it (in case it was a post surgery blood clot or something) yet I was just told to take some pain killers and go home. Urine sample was clear and nothing was found.

    Although the foot and leg will probably feel a lot better due to the operation, I deeply regret doing it as it has worsened the testicle pain. It is only 2 days after the surgery, I hope that this pain will gradually leave.

    I have a desk job so I am also deeply concerned how things will be when I return to work. 

    I hope this will help anyone in a similar situation who is considering surgery. And thank you guys for sharing, im glad to hear that Im not alone in this. 

  • Hi,

    I'm so sorry to hear about all the discomfort and pain you have had to deal with recently. 
    I hope that will time things will calm down for you and improve. Pain is such a difficult thing as it is something that can't be seen so others around us find it difficult to understand. It's good to know like you said you are not alone in this! 

    Thank you for sharing your story and experience 

    sending all the best for things to get better for you! 


  • Hello, you have responded to a post that was made 18 months ago so I am afraid that it is possible you will not get a reply from that person.

    I am sorry to hear about the pain you have. However, you had surgery recently so you might want to see if this pain gets better over the next couple of weeks and if it does not improve let your GP know.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Take care


  • Hi All

    I came across this post before I went for my scan. I had testicles and abdomen done and nothing. A few bigger veins but nothing untoward. Still to get to the bottom of it properly but I've found 20 minutes of stretching (5 of that is sat with my legs up the wall so not hard) around the groin and hips plus a couple of ibuprofen have done the trick after a couple of weeks of simply not sleeping. It can still be painful when leaning forwards for a long time on a chair but seems to be getting better. 

    I do sometimes get the testicle that hurts swell when I walk as well particularly in tighter jeans but just seems to be chronic nerve pain which the stretching seems to help. 

    it may or may not work but give it a go for a couple of weeks if the doctor can't really find a cause and let me know how you get on.