Memory loss

Hi there, I hope you’re all doing okay today ️  Oh my, how to start? 
Well, here goes. My wife has recently finished with the chemotherapy and now I’m just going through the motions of waiting, worrying and thinking “what next?” 
So, currently, my wife is having trouble stringing a sentence together and her memory is not good at all. I’ve been told that the vitamin B12, injected directly into the body, can help with this. 
Has anyone else heard of this before and if so who would be the best person to contact? I don’t google everything for advice as I feel it would be more helpful to hear from anyone who has been through this. 

Thanks in advance and take care ️

  • Hello and thank you for posting.

    I'm afraid we cannot give a medical opinion on your wife's memory loss. It would be good to discuss this with someone in her team, maybe her breast Care Nurse.

    Chemo brain is a side effect of chemotherapy and quite common. If you post in the 'living with cancer' section you may find others come forward who have had it, or have it, and how they cope. But, B12 injections specifically for this side effect are more of a discussion to be had with a doctor.

    It is difficult when treatments finish to know what might be next. Taking each day, focusing on your wife's recovery from what she has been through, and trying to slowly move forward will help.

    Take care Seani and I hope you have support at this time while you support your wife. If you find it helpful do talk things through with one of the nurses on our helpline the number is Freephone 0808 800 4040. The lines are open from 9 am till 5 pm, Monday to Friday.


  • Hi Seani and welcome, I might be going through what your wife is, difficulty remembering recent things and names and trouble concentrating.for more than a few seconds, i was diagnosed with cancer related cognitive changes CRCC. Which means the brain has to work much harder than it used to so has to open up new neural pathways to compensate and you have to adjust to it, which you can, I did a managing memory and concentration course 6 x 90 minutes and things are getting better, though i have been told a full recovery is not possible, but a big improvement is., Seani I did the course at Maggies, best wishes to you both.


  • Hi Sarah, many thanks for your kind message. I think you’re right about seeing a doctor but alas my wife has days when she’s in a bad place, her words not mine, she doesn’t want or feel up to talking with anyone most days. It’s just a case of waiting and being patient with her, but more importantly just being with her. 
    Thanks again and take care 

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    Hi Eddie I hope you’re doing well today. 
    Thank you for taking the time to write to me, it’s much appreciated, especially at this moment in time. 
    As I mentioned to Sarah, a nurse here at CRUK, my wife has been having days where she just doesn’t want to talk with anyone about anything and wants to be left alone, which is quite upsetting as it’s a complete opposite of what she once was. 
    I will talk with her about what you and Sarah have mentioned. But it is a little difficult right now, feels like we’re in limbo mostly. 
    I wish you all the best Eddie, take care 


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    Hi Sean, I'm doing ok thank you. I should have said the CRCC course is a group course, and talking to others who were also going through it helped me enormously best wishes.


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    Hi Eddie, glad you’re doing well. I appreciate the information you’ve given me and I’m hoping to speak with my wife this weekend. 
    Take it easy and have a good weekend