Colonoscopy results

My husband had a colonoscopy on Monday under the fast track system.  Blood had been found in his poo sample and he has also had various blood tests and he is anaemic also.  The rest of the blood tests were clear.

they have found a cancerous tumour in his colon and he is booked for a ct scan on Monday and biopsies have been sent of polyps they also found.  

talking to people whoI’ve had and survived bowel cancer - they didn’t need a ct scan - does this mean the cancer has spread?

Much appreciate any advice - I’m really worried

  • Hello there Jane 

    Glad the CT is now out of the way and hope everything goes well at the appointment and you both find out more soon.

    You know where we are if you need to get back to us again or if you prefer do give us a buzz on 0808 800 4040, we're here weekdays 9-5.

    Take care