Is there a charity in Scotland that grants wishes to adults with terminal cancer?


Hopefully it is okay to ask here as I am going round in circles contacting different charities and nobody seems to know.

My dad passed away in March from esophagus cancer. I would like to donate to a charity that gives adults in Scotland a day away with family or an overnight stay. I have tried going through the charity register but found nothing. Everyone I ask points me somewhere else and I am finding it very frustrating.

My parents live in Fife and I'm in Aberdeenshire so finding a local charity does not fit the bill.

I know there are options out there for children and young adults but nothing I can see for anyone older.

Setting up a charity is a big commitment which I feel is a step too far for me but if I can't find what I want this may be the only option.

Any advice gratefully received.


  • Welcome to Cancer Chat Sugarplumfairy although I'm really sorry to hear you lost your dad earlier this year to oesophageal cancer. You have my deepest sympathies.

    Unfortunately this isn't really our area of expertise but we did manage to find a specialist respite charity called 4 Cancer Group that organises short breaks and holidays for adults and their families. 

    The only other thing we can suggest is contacting the cancer care charity Maggies or Macmillan.

    Kind regards,

    Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator