Itchy armpit

Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me. My left armpit keeps itching. This has been going on for about 3 years. There is no rash. I mentioned it to a nurse in January of this year. She said she could feel a lump so she got the doctor to have a feel of my armpit. The doctor just said it was a lymph node. Try perfume free deodorant which I did. No change. I stopped shaving my armpit for a while, again no change. Went back to the doctors and he said it was a fungal infection. No rash or soreness. I explained to the doctor that this is affecting my day to day life now. So he gave me some cream to try which again didn't work. I have no other symptoms. My right armpit is absolutely fine. I have tried other creams as well, but none of them are helping. I've also tried antihistamines, again no change. The itch is really intense. I try not to scratch my armpit, but I have to otherwise I don't get any relief. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you. 

  • Hey did you ever get a diagnosis and was the itching constant or in waves 

  • Hi milly_elizabeth thanks for replying to my post. No, I didn't get a diagnosis. I haven't had any tests at the hospital. The itching started of as constant, but recently it has been a bit better. I've had bloods taken at the doctors, but they couldn't find anything wrong. Since January I've been getting a dull ache in the left side of my stomach which radiates round the back. I am waiting for an ultrasound on my upper stomach area. I don't know if it's all related. 

  • Okay thank you for your reply I hope it gets sorted soon xx

  • Hi

    I have a burning sensation, sharp scratch like pin ***, sometimes a itch

    Had this since May 2019

    Went to the doctors full blood work

    Came back clear 

    They did not no what it was and still got the symptoms

    But I am a type 2 dietetic 

    And they put it down to my nerves been damaged 

  • Hi Itchy armpit 

    Not sure if you've had a diagnosis yet but I've been the same for the last 18 months it drives you mad and there is no rash so you feel like a fraud,only one armpit as well (left) 

    Did all the usual things suggested by gp however when I was at a hospital appointment on another matter I told them and they took a swab not got the results back yet however they gave me cream dermavate only available on prescription within 12 hours the itch was gone has came back but I put the tiniest bit on and it goes away .GP has now put it on my repeats and the hospital has suggested it may be lichen planus or lichen sclerosis.just waiting on that getting confirmed 

    Hope this way have been some help to you as I know how you must have suffered

    Take Care 



  • Hi

    I also have itchy armpits and don't know why. Have tried no deo, not shaving as others have and nothing resolved it. 

    I developed two conditions last Autumn, one I needed a low dose shingles medication for called Aciclovir, it was to treat recurrent sores in my nose. But the side effects were itchy scalp, forearms and armpits. I haven't taken the Aciclovir for months now, the itchy scalp and forearms have gone but my armpits are still itchy!

    At the same time as starting the Aciclovir (possibly caused by it?) I developed Lichen Sclerosus. It was confirmed by my gynaecologist by having a biopsy. The topical treatment is Dermovate when it flares up. Out of desperation I tried just a very small amount of Dermovate on one of my armpits and it worked.

    When I discussed with my gynaecologist and gp they seemed to think the suggestion itchy armpits may be linked to the Lichen Sclerosus is very unusual. I might just use the Dermovate occasionally to get some relief.

  • Hi Jude 2 

    Ive now been confirmed from gynaecologist as having Lichen Sclerosus and she said they're hearing more of itchy armpits been linked to this condition but it's good know at least we can get some relief it was driving me mad  

  • Hi jannigran

    Thanks for your reply, it is interesting to hear about our similar conditions and the possible link to Lichen Schlerosus 

  • Hi all I had mastectomy lymph node removal and diep surgery 2019 my armpit has started itching was wandering if this as happened to anyone else did u have to av tests done xxx

  • Hi did you ever follow this up ....I also had bc and axilla clearance in 2006 but for last few weeks that armpit stings and itches and drives me crazy I've tried creams etc only time doesnr itch is when nothing is touching it