Worrying symptoms but not taken seriously please help

9 months or so I started to get a leg and back pain similar to sciatica alongside bleeding between periods, I went along to Gp and they stated to was sciatica and to book a physio. Two months on, I started to get left sided ovary pain and this radiated down my leg and round to my back, it comes and gos at this point. My periods have started clotting and are getting heavy with excessive persistent bloating , this was back in June 2018. I went back to Gp and was treat so badly like an annoyance and told they were just bad periods and most women suffer this, She even said when I get to physio my back stretching exercises will allow me to get out more and lose my stomach. 

So to fast forward two months of further abosulte agony with pain in right leg, and back. By this time I look about six months pregnant to the point where my father was convinced I was trying to hide a pregnancy, The bloating comes for the whole month except about two to three days. I was also having black and brown discharge, also fresh red bleeding and excessive heavy bleeding during periods. To the point were I cannot leave the house, I have to use Tena ladies night to help however they are soaked through within 20 mins, I have huge constant clots that are so big when I remove my underwear they are falling out in bucket loads. So I approached Gp again and was sent for a Vaginalultrasound. However on arrival they stated they would only give a abdominal which was completely clear. GP prescribe T.acid for bleeding and ibuprofen for pain. 

A little while ago I was in so much pain I was screaming in agony, it seems to hit a peak at different times of the month, so I can have about a week of serious debilitating pain, but a few days where it will just be more of a dull, sickly ache, then during ovulation times it reaches such an agonising peak, I am on my knees and groaning, and screaming like I am in labour. I went To gP during one of these episodes and begged for pain reilief and was told it was a back spasm, again she was right I was wrong, she then printed off a sheet of stretching exercises. And told me no pain relief will help with the spasm. And to continue to wait for the physio appointment in July 2019. I then tried to get up and felt like I was going to pass out and proceeded to vomit. She showed no support just to,d me I was welcome to wait in the waiting room with a cardboard vomit bowl. I was devastated I hate that I cannot demand things, as we know our bodies and I know something is wrong. 

So after another horrific month of heavy bleeding, tiredness and days of utter exhaustion, and the pain. I booked another Gp appointment and whoopie, a different Gp. I told her my symptoms and stated I was also having pain in right womb area, an internal was given and she said she noticed growths in the vagina, no andomen examanation was done. She referred me for a transvaginal scan which I attended. The person doing the scan said I have been referred to the WRONG place and they do not look at the vagina but said they would do the scan anyway but only abdominal, I thought to myself “there’s no point as it was clear last time”. 

When she began the abdominal scan she had the porter and also a representative for the new scan machine, she asked my if it was okay as he is helping her learn to operate the new machines. I agreed although I couldn’t understand why the porter was there. So a few mins in she called over the rep and they were pointing at things and seemed unsure. So she asked to do a vaginal scan, I agreed. She said she would send results to GP and I need to await their call. 

I waited about 10 days for Gp to call, and decided to call, there is a very difficult reception she said that yes I needed to come in, to discuss. I asked when and proceeded to say the nearest appointment was three weeks. So I just took it then called at 8am the next moring and went that day. This GP was great very informative although at one point did google a condition in front of me. 

I requested a copy of the report and it was packed with things. Completely the opposite to the prior scan. 

The main areas of concern were highlited as a 6cm polyp with feeder vessel, right ovary cyst. And possible adenomyosis I am so worried now that this has all been delayed to long, I have lost my business as I just cannot work as I am com0kwtely taken over with the symptoms. So I was given a appointment awith the gynaecologist, the letter said on the day I would first be given a consultation then a vaginal ultrasound and also biopsies would be taken and I would be there three hours. I was Weighed and told by the sister what was going to happen, and about the ultrasound and biopsy procedures I would have after the consultation 

A student who was very thorough in her questioning give me an initial consultation, but I noticed she didn’t write anything down, she then said that she would now get the doctor, in she comes. Scans the ultrasound  report at speed, and missed the cyst and andemyosis. I had to ask her about them, which she said “ oh sorry, yes” and read the report again. She briefly listened to my symptoms I also stressed I was concerned about a growth found in the vagina which has not been looked at and I thought would be seen today, as stated by GP, she said no. Then went on to say she thought the best treatment for me was a hormonal coil. I could of cried on the spot, I just knew she wasn’t really going to look at these things in depth. My appointment lasted 10 minutes with no examination, I asked her about the scan and also biopsies as said by the nurse and the letter, and GP  and she said there was no need as my last scan was only 8 weeks ago. I said that I knew that andenmyosis can sometimes be wrongly diagnosed, and can be womb cancer she just said there was no way at my age 38 that could happen, but agreed that it cannot be 100% diagnosed by scan and can sometimes actually be ewomb cancer I made it to the lift and burst into tears. I went home and was so upset, now I know that my symptoms are taking over my life, and I feel sick to the stomach that because I am in my thirties I am go8ng to be overlooked. I called back the women’s heath and received a call back from the same gynaecologist, I stressed my worries and she said she would send me for a polyp removal, which would be tested but will leave the cyst, She said the coil will sort everything out, which I struggle to believe and I am now going to have to fight to  have the vaginal lump looked at.


Am i in the wrong due to over thinking and worrying or is something not right here. I also cannot understand how the ultrasound was clear and if a these things can cause such extreme life changing symptoms. I cannot get any pain relief, and have no appetite at all, sometimes I can go three days with nothing, and then have a meal, which after a few mouthfuls feel uncomftably full beyond belief with such loud stomach noises. I have gained 3stone somehow, with this huge rock solid bloated stomach. Any advice on what could be wrong please let me know. 


Thanks and and love to all 

  • Ah my heart goes out to you because I was 38 when the world went haywire and while I’m now mid forties I still think it’s hormones rather than cancer. That said, you should probably have a Hysteroscopy to put your mind at rest and rule cancer in or out. I have ovarian cysts, thickened endometrium (30mm in 2016, 23mm in 2018 and 13mm now) and ademyosis. Diagnosed after TV ultrasound (much better than pelvic) and I’ve just had some biopsies. No fibroids or polyps. Had no bleeding for 2 years after 6 solid months of bleeding and then a flood the other week. I could have had shares in Tena Lady I was that bad. I have pains in my legs and back as you describe quite like sciatica.  Tranexamic acid will help reduce the bleeding but I found it only worked a while. Norethiasterone made it worse and I’ve refused Mirena because I don’t want to add anything hormonal.  I’m waiting for biopsies so I’ll come back and post but take care.