Neck lump or muscle knot?

A few days ago my neck was aching me and felt tight. I put it down to a tight neck muscle but then I started feeling about and felt what I think is a lump but I’m not sure. It does not protrude out of the skin and can’t be seen. I can only feel it when I push my fingers into the side of my neck. I don’t know if it is a muscle knot or something more worrying, I’m so scared :( 

  • Hi -kurtis_12.  Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not a doctor.

    If it's been there for a few years then it's unlikely to be anything significant.  If had been something nasty then it would most likely have blown up well before now.  If you're worried or if it starts to swell or get painful, show it to your GP. 

  • I have around 5 lumps that travel round my body.  One of the lumps is quite big.  It's just travelled from my neck which it was there for over a day and felt it quickly travel down my spine.  These lumps can be painful at times when they travel around my body.  Can anyone tell me what they are ? It's really worrying me !

  • I had something similar - neck exercises for quite a while and then all of a sudden the neck felt sore and a lump developed. Gotta have a scan within 2 weeks. My GP thought there was no reason to think on the cancer line. The lump is soft and moves a bit.  Plus, no pain just a little tender. I' m no doctor but, I feel in my case it might be an infected gland, node. Will possibly need antibiotics or just leave it. Your case sounds similar. To be honest, I'm sure the constant pushing and pulling that I did on my neck kick-started it. Sure there is something in this particular area.

     Good luck.

  • [@AnxietyGirl]‍ i have just come across your post after searching dr google. I feel like I can relate to you in so many ways! I suffer immensely with HA. I have gone through so many different parts of my body to be checked out. I found a small pea sized lump about 4-5 weeks ago on the side of my neck just in the middle of the side of the neck. I think it's soft, and I'm pretty sure it moves, as soon as I press hard on it, it feels like it moves. Doesn't really feel tender or painful at all to touch. But I do have neck pain from one side round the back to the other side. But even so this normally only hurts when I sit down and relax in the evening. Again like you, it's not noticeable when looking at my neck it is deep under the skin and take me atleast 20-30 seconds to find it and like you mainly when I stretch my neck out. Sometimes if I do this in different ways the lump feels slightly longer if that makes sense and then I change my position and it's pea sized again. I spoke to my GP about 3 weeks ago who said it sounds like a lipoma(this was a phone app due to covid) she is supposed to be calling me back on the 30Th to discuss this again. I think my HA plays a lot in the different sensations I get in my body, around my neck and all in my mouth.(atleast that's what I'm hoping). I am constantly thinking I have cancer, every little pain every little niggle, every tiny change in my body and it scares the living poop out of me! I am currently starting therapy tomorrow(over the phone) to help. It's even at the point where my GP prescribed me anti anxiety and I read the side affects and freaked myself sout so haven't started taking them. I too am worried I will lose loved ones over how frustrating and stressful I can be and the pressure I put on them. I try not to think about this lump too much, also I have lost a stone in 3 months unintentionally, but it seems to have stabilised over the last couple weeks. I have had to episodes of night sweats when I wake in the morning and my back is soaking wet, but not my clothes or sheets( so I don't think this is anything to worry about) I had my bloods done about 6-7 weeks ago and they were all normal. But in my head I'm terrified I'm going to die at the age of 30. Some people don't understand how we feel and some completely get it. A lot of these symptoms I get can also be stress/anxiety related but I don't acknowledge that as much as I do cancer. Also, I keep telling myself that my neck pain is due to poor posture at night and my pillows aren't helping or the fact I sit on my phone many hours a day Googling. And I'm trying to tell myself the lump in my neck is there because I have constantly itchy scalp, or the fact that my tragus piercing I had done in august still hasn't 100% healed. But then in my head I'm convincing myself I have cancer.  Sorry for the long post I just felt like I needed to get that out there. 

    I hope you are well xxx

  • Hii totally understand this. HA is horrendous. I have had it for many years. I've convinced myself so many times I have cancer. I recently felt this way over an ear/facial issue and was just getting over it and convincing myself its anxiety when I got an abnormal smear saying I had high risk HPV. I am now convinced I have anal and some kind of head/neck cancer. My GP will say I have anxiety. I've had some abnormal cells removed and I'm afraid to speak to my GP as I feel I will be told again HPV is nothing to worry about but I've obviously had it for years as it's not cleared and I haven't been sexually active for years. 


    The good thing for you is your GP has taken your bloods and given you something for anxiety and if it helps you will know what you have is anxiety. I have been there many times. Try the meds, have someone else keep an eye on you if you can and get them to read the leaflet for side effects rather than you pouring over it again and again. I suffer from chronic migraine and I take something for that as a preventative and it actually usually helps keep my anxiety in check. It's this covid pandemic along with my HPV diagnosis that has thrown me. I am frightened as I am a single parent with two young children who really need their mum. 


    Wishing you all the best and hope if you go for trying the meds that they really help and that you do not have anything else going on. 

    Ps as for the night sweats I've been there too..... extreme panic attacks and sometimes just the heating was way too high in new house that I wasn't used to at the time! 



  • OMG I just read your post and can relate to you 100% 

    I was meant to have a biopsy on my lump in my neck 2 weeks ago but due to my hospital being riddled with covid my anxiety kicked in and I couldn't physically go to my appointment and now I've made myself worry more. But I'm petrified of going out and catching covid. I've had 3 cancer scares this year which makes me think the next time it's going to be cancer and I'm scared to go and get the results or even to my appointment and risk being told I've got it and leaving my children without a mum. 

  • Hey! I'm 15 years old and I have this lump on the front of my neck just under my chin, it feels hard and moves slightly side to side it pushes out when I lift my head up and moves forward when I tense my neck i have anxiety and I google everything that I find wrong with me do you have any idea what this could be 

  • Please dont Google that's one thing I have to try and stop myself from doing. That's one of my faults, if your concerned please go see your gp. But stay off google that's the worst! 

  • I felt same at the right side of the base of the head like nerves knot which I can only feel unless I press my finger on under the skin, my symptom is pain at base of my head it will be relieved after taking pain relief, I  don't know why 

  • i know this post is from years ago but recently i have noticed one side at the back of my neck aches near my hairline and when i move my head some ways they seems to be a big lump under the skin but dosent show ontop what so ever. i suffer really bad with health anxiety and i'm already thinking the worse of things. could anyone help me out please.?

    im not sure if it's because i have been poking at it why it hurts when i touch it