Red angry patch on cervix

Hi I'm made my self ill with worry,I've been on the mini pill for 4 years and had no periods,last week had slight bleeding/spotting for a week,went to doctors she tried to look at my cervix but couldn't see for blood,made me an appointment for a week later and prescribed transamic acid to stop the bleeding,however I didn't need the acid as I stopped on my own,so went back to the doctor and she examined my cervix and she said i have a angry looking patch and a dark red blood vessel,she has referred me to the gynecology department under the 2 week wait as urgent suspected cancer,she also did blood tests to rule out ovarian cancer which cane back normal and checked my hormones and she told me I'm definitely menapausal,but now I can't sleep eat and I've made my self actually vomit from worry please give your stories if you have had anything similar...than you xxx

  • Hi Shazza, not a lot of good asking you to relax but.. on a positive note,  bloods have come back normal,  so that's a good ...

    Being given an urgent 2 week appt is enough to make anyone cry and vomit.

    Being menopausal can often cause many and varied issues ,as I'm sure many other women here will tell you.

    Worrying will affect your physical and emotional well-being,  nothing you can do until you're seen by take care of yourself and breathe..