Terrified 2 week referal for suspected sarcoma


 Just looking for someone to listen as I'm currently spiralling. I have really bad health anxiety and this has sent me over the edge. 

2 weeks ago I visited my gp with a lump on my upper arm. You can only see or feel it when I pull my arm back and tense the muscle. I found it accidentally in the shower. 

She thought it was from an injury so told me to come back in 2 weeks. I went to the follow up appointment and nothing had changed so I was referred for an urgent ultrasound. I was really lucky and magaed to get one the same day. I asked the technician if he could tell me anything (crying at this point) and he said it could he fat attached to the muscle but he couldn't say and also couldn't rule out cancer. 

I went away feeling a lttle better but then got the report on my app. It says it's just under 2cm, no internal vascular flow, appearances suggest a subfascial lipoma but given it's deep location a specialist referal may be appropriate. 

The doctor then rang and said she would be doing an urgent 2 week referral. She said it was just to cover all bases and hopefully it is only a lipoma. She also said she hasn't seen any lipomas that deep. She seemed worried. 

I got the referral through on the app the morning and seeing suspected sarcoma in black and white was really hard. 

I've done the worst and googled and got myself in a complete state. I have little kids and I'm terrified of leaving them. Like I said before I have health anxiety and also ocd so I'm really struggling and just need a bit of support.

Has anyone else been through similar? Also I've tried to look online but is no internal vascular flow a good thing or bad? Has anyone else had a deep lipoma? I also have some elbow pain a little bit below the lump. 


  • Sorry just to add. I've looked at the referal again and they have ticked the box that says ultrasound findings are suggestive of sarcoma. I'd hoped it would be that they are unsure so they obviously think it isn't a lipoma or is this to get it through quicker? Sorry I'm really terrified.


  • Please try not to worry, doctors have to put that it is suspected cancer to ensure that you are seen on the 2 week cancer pathway, otherwise you would probably be waiting at least 6 months.  Only a tiny precentage of those cases that are referred actually turn out to be cancer.

    Please stop googling, it is not your friend, you will only get more and more worried!

    I have already been referred on 2 different cancer pathways this year, had various biopsies, all of which have come back as non-cancerous.

    Please try to take your mind off things until your appointment and I hope that it all turns out well for you.