Urgent Referral

Hi Everyone 

I’m hoping for some advice / guidance / experience re suspected bowel cancer. 

I’ve been to the GP for results of Poo sample / Blood Test due to various bowel symptoms.
Results are positive with blood in the poo sample, raised CEA and low Iron all of which along with a fair bit of weight loss / recurrent diahorrea / clear liquid from Anus / discomfort in lower abdomen / blood when wiping self.  So they have done a referral to the hospital with a view to getting further tests done. 
The GP has said that Bowel Cancer is suspected hence it being by the urgent pathway with my first appointment on 23/4/24

How worried should I be? 

Thanks Lisa 

  • Hi Lisa. 

    My husband is going through a similar situation at the moment. Rectal bleeding (quite a bit). Booked in with GP the day it happened. Diagnosed anal fissure but ordered FIT test. Got the results from that on Monday and it was strongly positive so she has put him on an urgent referral. No other symptoms at the moment. . He had bloods done this morning so are waiting for results of those. Then it's just waiting for the call to arrange the appointment. So sorry to hear that you're going through this. We are finding it hard to focus on anything other than this at the moment. It is so easy to automatically think the worst possible scenario. 

    I hope that your appointment goes well and that you get the reassurance you need. 

    Good luck. 

  • Hiya Sorry to hear your hubby is going through the same thing. Such a worrying time isn’t it. 
    It’s all my wife and I are talking about. All the what ifs etc.. We’ve not said any thing to anyone else yet. Don’t want to worry them but my mum for example will be upset that we are going through this alone. We are trying to be positive and praying it’s not cancer but no other diagnosis seem to totally fit my symptoms. 
    I hope your husband gets good news at his appointment. Has your GP done other blood tests or anything or have they referred based solely on the positive FIT result? Does he feel ok in his self aside of the bleeding? 
    take care of each other. 

  • No other blood tests at the moment. Has been referred based solely on FIT result as far as he has been told. I understand the fear. It's gut wrenching to think it might be cancer. I really hope you get good news.