Hernia or ovarian cancer?

Good evening all

This is my first time posting as I’m feeling quite lost.

Last August I went to my GP with discomfort in my right lower abdomen, weight loss, feeling full quickly and loss of appetite.  He examined me and diagnosed a hernia and referred me to consultant and for an ultrasound.  I had ultrasound in November 2023 and was verbally told by doctor it wasn’t a hernia and I needed to go back to gp for further investigation.  I did this but they hadn’t received ultrasound report so wouldn’t do anything further.

Fast forward to beginning of year and still nothing from GP, but had appointment at different hospital with a hernia specialist who did a quick examination and has said I need to have a CT scan done to determine next steps.

Im so worried that I may have ovarian cancer as symptoms fit, I’m post menopausal and my mum died from cervical cancer.

has anyone else experienced anything like this please?