Still none the wiser

My partner had to go to a&e on the 13th march with suspected gallstones, 14th march did a ultrasound scan and no stones so admitted him onto a ward etc so sent him for a CT scan on the 16th, had the results within an hour and his appendix had burst so had the op on the Saturday night to remove them but before he went for his op the dr came and told him they had found something else on his scan something called a “squiggle” whatever that means and she didn’t believe holding anything back from anyone. My partner is 35 now and had testicular cancer when he was 21 so he asked her straight is it cancer and she said she couldn’t say. Fast forward to before he went down for his op on the Saturday night the dr has come back and told him it looks like a “mass or a cluster”. We’ve now found out from his discharge letter it’s a lesion near his left kidney with a question mark. He’s been referred to urology mdt and had a letter saying he’s got a telephone consultation Thursday 28th, he had another letter saying he’s got to have a ct thorax now but what possibly for? He’s had the telephone consultation today and they still don’t know other than telling him they were concerned about it that it could of come back or could be scar tissue as he had to have lymph nodes removed from his abdomen when he had the testicular cancer but they’ve also said on the phone today go for the ct thorax scan still but it will get sent to hospital as they are specialists? He did also have his testicular cancer treatment at that hospital too, anyone had similar?

  • Hello dowlk94, 

    What a stressful time it must be for you and your partner and I can imagine you are left with more questions than answers at the moment after noticing the mention of a lesion near his left kidney with a question mark in his discharge letter. It must be a worrying time for you being told too that he needs to have a CT scan in his thorax especially as he already went through testicular cancer. Hopefully you will get a bit more clarity on all this soon when he has his scan and I hope it will shed some light on what is going on. 

    The wait for answers and test results can feel endless and it is often such an anxious time and I thought I would share with you helpful tips to help you cope while waiting for important news. Other members of our forum may have been through something similar and I hope that they will be along shortly to share their story with you. 

    Keeping everything crossed for you that it all turns out to be nothing too concerning. If you have a moment when you find out more, please come back here and update us on what was discovered following the CT scan. 

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • I feel the same. My life feels on hold at the moment until I know the findings of the MDT.

  •   it’s horrible isn’t it, I don’t even know if they’ve had this meeting or not? Haven’t a clue why he’s having another ct scan but thorax one at our other local hospital yet they’re sending it to a hospital not in our area, in complete limbo 

  • I think you can find out whether they have had the MDT meeting ?. As it is a scan the results will go to your GP and to you. They will decide after that whether you need another consultation or a MDT