Raised CA125 levels. Can't stop worrying


I went to the GP on Monday due to unusual bloating and sharp pains in my lower right abdomen. I was asked if my last period was heavy. It was but they always have been.

No issues with eating or feeling full quickly. I had a FIT test which was clear but my CA125 showed levels of 144. I was also told I have an iron deficiency and was prescribed a low dose of iron supplements.

Told I would be referred for an urgent scan. I was fortunate enough to get a call on Friday and offered an appointment this Tuesday.

I am 41 pre menopausal and have no other health issues.

I know levels can be raised by other things but I am terrified.

My right leg had felt slightly numb for the last 24 hours. No idea if this has any relevance. 

The bloating seems to have subsided a little.

I have breast tenderness. This could be due to my cycle. I am expecting my period to start in 5 days however it feels worse than usual.

I know levels can be raised for a number of reasons but I can't control my mind racing and thinking the worst.