Only one biopsy taken during my bronchoscopy - I'm worried it's not enough

I had my bronchoscopy done and was told it was OK. I suffered with coughing throughout and feeling anxious. Reading my discharge letter that only one biopsy was taking and was terminated.  Now I'm thinking it might not of been enough 

  • Hi Busymumoftwo,

    It's good to hear that it was OK. I'm sure they would have done everything that was necessary and required to get the information they need, so try not to worry that it wasn't enough. If you continue to have concerns about this, try to discuss this with your doctor at the next appointment (for example when you get your results) to hopefully get some reassurance on this.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Cancer Chat Moderator

  • I didn't quite get my results in on time because having them done Friday afternoon  so now needing to wait until next Tuesday for MDT and then hear back after that. Waiting and see