Waiting time for Hysteroscopy

Hi all,

Just curious how long it took from the consultant saying they want to do a Hysteroscopy to getting the actual procedure? 

I’m 42 years old and had issues for a while. About 3 years ago diagnosed with Adynomiosis after an ultrasound and MRI. Was fitted with Mineria coil. 2 and a half years on I am still bleeding inbetween periods and my periods last for at least 10 days - it has been gradually getting worse. After doctor checking coil and appeared to be in right place referred me for ultrasound just in case. Ultrasound showed thickened lining. Results said an enlarged uterus with endometrium abnormally thickened measuring 22mm. I was referred to a consultant and after 5months of waiting mover from local NHS hospital to One Health as told wait would be shorter. Another 2 months on have been seen by a consultant and told they want to do a Hysteroscopy and biopsy to check for cancer. 5 weeks on no appointment. I am fed up of waiting and just want it all over and done with. 

Any advice? I have emailed to follow up but not heard anything. 

  • Depends on hospital and whether they have referred you under the 2 week suspected cancer pathway..due to your age I suspect they referred you with for a routine appointment.

    My experience, with postmenopausal bleeding and a slightly thickened womb lining was ultrasound within a week then a couple of weeks hysteroscopy, then wait for results, then another hysteroscopy to remove polyps…then another wait for results…this year (2nd time of PMB) I first asked to be referred in January and it took until October for everything to be over and done with..scan, multiple hysteroscopies and biopsies, Mirena coil and finally hysterectomy in September…my results were all good at the end, hysterectomy was recommended due to complex atypical hyperplasia (precancerous cells) found in one polyp.

    hope you get your appointment through soon x

  • I had a Hysteroscopy a year ago and I had it on the same Day I met with Consultant ,I wasn't expecting it at all and it was a shock to be fair ,I waited about 2 weeks for results nothing serious found on Biopsy or Polyp so its was a relief but I think things are taking a lot longer now from what I read .

  • Thank you for replying and sharing your journey. They said they plan to remove and replace my coil and deal with any polyps they find in the same appointment. So hopefully be sorted soon. 

  • Thank you - yes it does seem that waiting lists are very long at the moment. 

  • Thank you for sharing your journey. Fingers crossed the appointment comes through soon. 

  • Just thought  I would update you. Due to continued symptoms - recently had an 18 day bleed and still experiencing spotting, my doctor chased before Christmas to expedite my appointment. That was four weeks ago and still nothing. It has been over 13 weeks since the appointment with my consultant stating they wanted to do a biopsy and even mentioned to rule out the big C.  am so fed up of this hanging over me and feeling generally rubbish all the time. I just feel like I need to move on whatever the outcome. 

  • Hi I'd definitely be getting in touch with them again ,maybe get in touch with your Consultants Admin and ask them what the holdup is ,that's what I would do you've been very patient get in touch with them .

  • Hi, I waited 10 months for my procedure and it was done today.  I had to continue going to my local doctor to push it on as i was bleeding all the time and constantly have a hemoglobin of 85. Hope you get seen soon.x

  • I hope you manage to get sorted  , the waiting for stuff to happen is painful when you just want to know what is going on and get treatment to help. Please keep up posted on how you get on and glad you have at least had the procedure. 

      you are right. Will ring them today. 

  • So an update. I rang department direct and was told there are no appointments available and they cannot give me any timescales. I sent a message to my doctor who phoned me to say he was livid and had sent a very snotty letter to them. (I can not fauto him at all has been very supportive) That was yesterday. They called me today and I have an appointment book. It isn’t until the end of feb - but it booked! Yippee - I might be able to move on.