Colonoscopy (In 4 days) - no prep script - confusing list of foods

Hello everyone,

I am currently facing some challenges in reaching out to the appropriate individuals. Despite leaving messages on voicemail and providing my contact number, I have not received any callbacks. I am scheduled to undergo a colonoscopy, which is my first time, to rule out cancer. I have been informed that the procedure will be painful. My uncle mentioned that I have the option to receive gas, sedatives, and strong painkillers. Initially, I was unsure about this, but the nurse kindly encouraged me to take all three. She also advised me to discontinue my use of codeine and iron, which I have done. Unfortunately, I am experiencing significant pain as a result. The nurse informed me that if she is unavailable due to her upcoming holiday, another member of the IBD nursing team will be able to assist me. Instead of a sigmoidoscopy, she has recommended a colonoscopy. The process has been progressing smoothly and efficiently along the cancer pathway. I am scheduled to undergo the colonoscopy in three days.

I must admit that I am embarrassed to admit that I have never really cooked for myself, apart from making tea and toast. Cooking is a skill I lack, as I have always relied on my mother's expertise in the kitchen. Before she suffered a stroke, she worked as a professional chef. A kind neighbour, who is a good friend of my wife's, has been cooking for me for the past few years. Unfortunately, my wife is not skilled in cooking, although she believes her cooking surpasses that of my mother's. However, her meals tend to be fatty and unhealthy. Given my current stress levels, I wish to avoid arguments and focus on returning to work as soon as possible. Apologies for digressing. I kindly request someone to offer guidance on the following matters:

1.) Which foods am I allowed to consume before my colonoscopy? I understand that white bread, mashed potatoes, and white rice are acceptable. Is it permissible to use instant mashed potatoes? White rice tends to cause bloating for me, and I experience digestive issues with low-fiber foods. Due to these problems, I have lost a significant amount of weight over the past two years, dropping from 11 stones to 8 stones. Additionally, I have lost a considerable amount of muscle mass, despite previously engaging in regular workouts at the gym. I constantly feel tired and drowsy, regardless of the amount of sleep I get.

2.) I have not received my bowel preparation script, and I am unable to contact anyone in time. According to a text message on my phone, I am supposed to go to X hospital 48 hours prior to the procedure to collect the bowel preparation. The message indicates that it was sent by LivingCare Health Services and is signed by someone at the end. Should I simply go to the hospital and present my phone as proof? Do they require a physical prescription?

Lastly, I would like to know if it is acceptable to consume Birdseye toasted waffles along with white bread. Can I toast the waffles and have them with the bread? Additionally, the instructions mention that fish is permissible. Is canned tuna an acceptable option? How should the fish be prepared? Can I eat grilled fish or only consume the white pieces of cod from a fish and chip shop, excluding the batter?

Thank you, everyone, for any assistance you can provide. I will make sure to update everyone on the results of my procedure. I remain hopeful that the outcome will not be cancer, although my optimism is waning due to my current condition.



  • Hi Danyal, I see no one has answered you yet so thought I’d add how my husband got on. He had 6 polyps removed, he didn’t have any pain meds and said it was fine but if you want them then please take them. As for food it was light meals the day before you start your prep drink, (He couldn’t have seeded bread)  Depending on the time of the colonoscopy you start you prep drink at different times so you have to work out when to have a light meal,  I think my husband just had poached eggs but you have to work it out to fit in with the prep, it comes with instructions, I’m sorry but can’t remember probably how it works. If you haven’t got your prep yet I’d go to the hospital to ask what’s happening. I’m sure you’ll be ok it is scary but in the end it works out fine, you’ll be ok I’m sure x

  • Offline in reply to SueCC

    Thank you for your reply, I picked up the prep from the hospital, and the appointment for the telephone consultation was cancelled. However, the text told me to attend regardless. Yes, it states, I can't have fibre or seeded anything. I appreciate your reply, I am just sticking to mashed potatoes, I can have a little cheese, eggs and white bread. I'll post a follow-up once it's done. In a few days. I just hope I don't get a text in the morning saying it's cancelled.

  • UPDATE GUYS: Good news, no cancer biopsies came back clear. Have a slight increase in proctitis, and I am still clueless about the constipation, but taking laxatives helps. I just wish I could eat a massive cheeseburger without worrying about it because I get a sticky/slimy feeling whenever I eat fast food like it gets stuck to my stomach. I just want to eat some utter junk food, like I used to have the abllty about 5 years ago. Thank HaShem it wasn't cancer, after all, feel like a right idiot.