Breast burning/tingling

Hi. I did want to upload a picture so you could see. 
But in my left breast i am feeling a burning/tingling feeling, it also feels like areola (i think thats what its called) has gone lighter and is really sensitive to the other (keeps going hard) and seems to be a little flatter than the other one, also the burning feeling feels like its in my armpit now also! 

i have a referal made but this 2 week wait is scaring the life out of me, my anxiety is at its max to the point i cant eat  :(

ive had loads of bloods done and all come back ok, but i no bloods doesnt pick up cancer. I had an inflammatory blood test which came back as normal.

i am so so scared.

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    I did think that to :( i have my appoitment now at the breast clinic on monday i rang and they was able to give me a cancelation app thank god. Few more days till i no if my worse fear is about to happen. I still havnt managed to eat either for over a week now. 

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    Hi N92, I messaged you earlier in the week as I saw we had similar symptoms. I just wanted you to know I had my appointment this morning and all is fine. Like you, I have worried myself sick for 10 days since my referral and I can’t tell you the relief. Please try not to worry, I was convinced something was wrong but there isn’t. I know not every case is the same but I really hope I can reassure you slightly x

  • Was this at the Gp? Or at the breast clinic? x 

  • Glad it was all okay though! You can stop worrying now :) xx

    did they mention what it could be at all? x 

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    Did your nipple/areola go a bit weird though? Mine has really changed gone puffy, and i can feel a tugging feeling in it every time i move which is radiating to my armpit. Did they take any biopsy’s for u? X

  • So this was at the breast clinic. I had examination she said there was a thickening in the area the GP mentioned so because of that I had an ultrasound, but she said she wasn’t worried and thinks it’s hormonal and breast pain can be a number of reasons not usually linked to cancer. Ultrasound was straight after and I was told it was clear xx

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    It hasn’t no. But I do feel a pulling when laying at night, burning sensation that goes upto armpit. They didn’t do a biopsy. But even if they do when you go that doesn’t mean anything is definitely wrong. She said the lump that was felt by my gp is a thicker tissue than the other breast and the tenderness is likely hormonal x

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    My Nipple has gone quite flat and almost got smaller in size. My actual breast though seems to of grown. I don’t feel any tugging though. I do have the burning sensation that starts sort of underneath the breast and moves up into arm pit. I don’t think there is any lumps, it definitely feels different to the other side but no actual lumps that I can feel x 

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    Thats brilliant. Im So glad all is ok for you :)

    My areola and nipple has gone different and it looks like theres an indent in my areola to at the top now. It doesnt sound good with mine tbh, it does seem like something bad is going on. I pray it isnt but the heaviness and the pulling sensation seems to be getting much worse. My apoit has now been changed to monday thank god. Even though i need this apoit im scared what the outcome is going to be. 

  • Hi Cmck11,

    I am delighted to hear that you got the all clear, despite your worries. That must be a fantastic relief for you.

    On a dull and dreary day here, that has really made my day!

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx