CA125 Level 43


can anyone give me some advice ( calm my nerves) my CA125 level was 43 and on my doctor notes it says refer to NICE guideline 122. I know I shouldn’t Google things but this suggests Ovarian cancer. Is this the case? Could it be something else? I’ve been suffering from bloating, back and stomach ache and loosing control of my bladder ( urgent need to pee!)

please help!!

  • Hi I had an elevated ca125 blood test and it was suggested it could be Ovarian cancer but after more tests it turned out not to be .

  • Hi. I have just had the same result. Awaiting a pelvic ultrasound. My only symptom is some tiredness but since the result I’m hyper aware and have pain everywhere!! Just trying to keep a lid on anxiety until the tests are done. Not easy though!

  • Thanks for your reply 

  • Thanks for your reply, I know exactly what you mean, I should of stayed away from Google. I’ve self diagnosed myself with every illness possible! I’ve got quite a lot of symptoms but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have the big ‘C’ I rang the help line from cancer research and they were amazing and made me feel a lot better. I would give them a ring, they really put your mind at rest 

  • Hi, what sort of other tests did they do? My ca125 came back at 41 so I’ve been referred to the hospital and now have an appointment this week. Less than 2 weeks since the blood tests were done and less than a week since I got the results back. So to say I’m panicking would be an understatement.

    theyve said I’ll need to have a scan but no idea if it’s a transvaginal one or a pelvic one and what other sort of “different tests” they might do while I’m there.

    how long did the first hospital appointment take?

  • Hi first appointment was a transvaginal ultrasound then straight to see the consultant lots of questions asked then told they would be doing a Hysterectomy straightaway ,to say I wasn't ready for that is an understatement but I thought it was better than having to go back to have it done ,I would say I was in there for at least 2 hours ,they removed a polyp fibroid and did some biopsies but thankfully they were able to say they didn't see anything nasty but to wait for the biopsy results which also showed nothing serious when I received the letter .

  • Oh wow, no I wouldn’t be ready for that either. I know my partners aunt has recently had a hysterectomy and had to take 10 weeks off of work to recover. 
    Currently in the process of packing to move house, already fighting against my existing health issues and pain, so really hope they don’t suggest that to me. 

  • Hi sorry I didn't mean Hysterectomy I meant hysteroscopy lol

  • Haha, that makes more sense! I did a quick Google search and it knew what you meant - auto suggested hysteroscopy! 
    Thank you for your help