Positive fit test and colonoscopy result.

Hi,Id just like to share my experiences that ive been through over the last few weeks for the benefit of people who are going through the same thing.

Im a 50 year old male and I recently had a fit test result of 16. Not massively over but over nonetheless. Immediately I'm thinking the worse and I was convinced I had bowel cancer. I'd noticed blood whilst wiping on the odd occasion which I'd never seen before. My other symptoms were a change in my toilet habits and occasionally I'd get stomach pains. I'm going to sound like a hypocrite here but stay off Google as it sent me doolally! My anxiety was worsened as well by a work colleague who's recently had bowel cancer but has since made a full recovery. 

Just because your fit test is high it doesn't mean you have cancer. It could be lots of things. Believe me I was the world's worst at being anxious to the point that it made me I'll. Share your thoughts with family and this forum helped me as well.

I had my colonoscopy today. They were really nice and helpful and made me feel totally at ease. The pre examination drink was fowl but I split my drinks into quarter measures and had one every 15 minutes,then the other 4 a few hours later. Be warned though, don't stray to far from a toilet. My colonoscopy was ok, I had the sedation and barely felt anything. They found I had internal piles,4 polops that they removed and I also have colitis. Apparently the colitis can cause slight bleeding. It's quite enflamed down there which I now have to take suppositories for the next month to hopefully get it back to normal. 

Don't be Afraid it could be anything and you really need to have the colonoscopy to give you the all clear and peace of mind.

Good luck and thank you to the good people on here who helped me. 

Take care. 


  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience on here. It's always very useful for other people looking at the forum in future to see this, when they are searching for information online.

    It's also good to hear that you found the forum helpful.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Cancer Chat Moderator

  • No worries. 

    It's been a strange couple of months but it's over now.

    I wish everyone on this forum the best for the future. 

    Take care.

  • That’s lovely to hear Steve, my 80 year old husband had low iron on a blood test so he had 2 FIT tests both positive with 23 and 60, he can’t have a colonoscopy as he had stomach cancer and had his stomach out in Jan, he can’t drink all that prep so he’s having a CT Colonography instead and the prep is Gastrografin, you don’t have so much of that to drink. To say I’m scared is an understatement as he has 3 cancers now, kidney, stomach and lymphoma, He has the CTC on Monday. I think I’ve spoke to you before . Good luck Steve x

  • Hi sue yes we've chatted before. 

    He's really been through the wars hadn't he bless him. I really hope he's ok and then you can get on with both your lives. His fit test scores don't seem to be ridiculously high. My gp said to me that it's not a cancer test it's a test to see if you've blood in your poo and if you have it can be absolutely anything. I didn't listen though!!!

    No matter what anyone says to you though you just can't stop worrying. I had to take a few days off work in the end as I got so stressed out and I never miss work. 

    My wife and I are currently in Luxembourg of all places having a few days away after what's been a stressful few weeks. We've never been here before but it's a change of scenery. 

    Take care of yourselves and can you let us know how everything goes? 

    Take care. 

  • Well  have a lovely holiday Steve, I’m sure you have a lot to celebrate, we also hope to get away before Christmas if alls well and think it’ll be Tenerife depending on the outcome and insurance. Yes I’ll most certainly post on here when we get results but we won’t get them for a week or so, still waiting for results of a CT scan he had over a week ago. Enjoy x

  • I will thank you. 

    Hopefully you'll get away in the next couple of months and put this all behind you both. It really makes you value your life and family so much.

    I'll look forward to hearing off you again soon. 

    Best of luck.

  • Hi Steve

    I so hope I have same result as you...positive FIT score but no real symptoms..no change in loo habits but occasionally blood due to I think piles..freaking out and Dr Google making me worse!!!I've read 90 per cent of positive results not cancer but of course worry  I am in the 9%..your story is a positive one very much so...kind regards Helen

  • Hi Helensr, I know how you feel, my husband has a virtual CTC scan tomorrow, today he drinks Gastrografin ( he can’t have the usual prep as he hasn’t a stomach) and to say I’m scared is an understatement, we’ll have to wait for results as well been as it’s virtual which adds to the worry. The only symptom he had was low iron on a blood test. I’m also hoping for an outcome like Steve has. When do you have a colonoscopy? Xx

  • Hi Sue, I have thr screening appointment this Friday then says colonoscopy will be 2 weeks after that..fingers crossed all goes well today..sounds like not any of the usual symptoms..let us know how it goes xx

  • Hi Helen, yes Google is the worst thing to look on for making you paranoid! I was convinced I had it. I'm sure it's 9 out of 10 colonoscopy checks turn out to be other things. 

    The blood I had occasionally was bright red so lower down the bowel. I know what it is now though and the doctor told me there and then. I think if the blood is darker or tar coloured then it's possibly something more sinister? Mine only seemed to happen after multiple bowel movements and by multiple I mean literally 5 times in 1 day and always after I'd consumed a lot of alcohol. Makes me sound like an alcoholic which I really am not lol.

    You need to remember though that the fit test isn't a cancer test. There can be multiple places blood can come from.

    I hope you have a good outcome.