Am I overthinking?


I don't know what I want in all honesty, reassurance maybe?

I've had pain in my left breast for approx 6weeks, Visited with the GP on 01.06.23 and they found a lump, which I can't feel myself. 

I have been referred to the breast clinic and have an appointment 08.06.23.

I keep telling myself it's likely to be a cyst however, then I have moments of utter panic and fear. Am I over reacting, is it normal to be so worried, I feel my anxiety is through the roof at times.


  • Gingerme 

    not all lumps are the dreaded hood you are getting checked to rule everything out 

    I went for a check as I had a heaviness I could not feel a lump but unfortunately fkr me I had a BC diagnosis last July I'm fully recovered now and feeling great 

    Good luck love Lara Heart

  • Hi gingerme, welcome! I think it's completely natural to worry, feel terrified even but the odds are in your favour. The majority of investigations at the breast clinic turn out to be nothing sinister. Luckily you got a fast referral so not too long to wait. Hope it all goes well at the clinic xx