Exposure to asbestos over 6 months of DIY - worried

Hello, I know there are other asbetsos threads but they are pretty old and I couldn't find anything similar to my experience in terms of time frame/exposure level. I'd just like some reassurance if possible as I'm stuggling to function at athe moment and it's affectig my life pretty badly.

I moved into a new house last October, which has a massive damp (I don't even know if I can say damp it was more like puddling) problem in the kitchen for many different reasons. The first port of call was to take up the old cement floor which was covering some quarry tiles. I started this in Novemeber with a hammer and chisel whenever I had a spare half hour, so it was not at all consistent and has been going on for 6 months. Unfortunatly I've just found out that on top of the old quarry tiles but under the concrete is crysotile asbestos mastic/glue (I now think that an old lino floor was laid on top the tiles at some point then ripped up and concrete poured on top). I did wear a mask most of the time, but as I didn't know it was asbestos was not too carful about 100% cleaning up or tracking dust through the house. Luckily it was wet/damp when I was chipping it up but I'm also very sure I left plenty of dust lying around if I was coming bak to it later. most of this will be from the concrete I assume but I am very much freaking out and struggling to function in my normal life, having ADHD is not helping it means I can't focus on anythign else and I cant stop thinking about it, my mental health is spiraling, and my relataionship is badly affected.

Please can someone give me some idea as to how bad this is? the general internet is really not helping - I can only find 1 time exposure = probabaly fine and working with asbestos for 40 years = definity bad but not much inbetween expect DIYers, mostly in austrailia who have died from remodelling their kitchen 30 years ago. 

I feel so stupid, I knew old lino floor can have asbestos in and the glue too, but becasue it wasn't a lino floor I didn't think anything of it I just thought it was some sort of levelling compound. for the concrete...

  • I think your first port of call would be your local council who will be able to advise you and will be able to put you in touch with asbestos specialists.  Did you have a survey done in the house before you moved in?  I would also suggest contacting the surveyor for advice.  Try not to worry too much as if the asbestos was in a glue it's probably pretty stable, but contacting specialist asbestos contractors for advice will probably give you some piece of mind and help with your anxiety.  Just another point about asbestos.  Remember it can also be in textured ceilings so be careful if you are refurbishing.  Again, specialist contractors will be able to advise.

  • Hello thank you for your response.
    I had a level 3 RICS survey done, but not an asbestos one unfortunalty. I'm trying not to panic and will get intouch with some specialists, the fact that I found out just before the long weekend has been difficult as everyone I've called is closed. 
    On the up side it feels like I now know about everysingle product which might contain asbestos and I'm very unlikely to make the same mistake in future. Still stuggling to stop worrying. Hopeing to get an air test this week, but I don't know if thats a good idea or not considering I've been doing it for 6 months..