Swollen preauricular lymph node


Hi all

I've had a swollen preauricular lymph node in front of my right ear for a few months. I didn't think much of it but noticed it when I shaved. I figured it was just cartlidge and left it. My partner noticed it the other day so I looked on google and realised there was a lymph node there and arranged a GP appointment. GP has arranged to have bloods taken and a biopsy carried out. I've also just had an absess in my tooth sorted out which I reckon had been there for a while. I'm hoping the absess is the cause of the swelling, although it's on the opposite side of my face and I'm not sure if it would account for the length of time the lymph node has been swollen.

I'm scheduled to have a hip replacement at the end of the month and I'm now concerned that this development will mean it is postponed. Worried on all fronts at the moment. 

Has anyone had a similar experience or could answer question re.the hip replacement op?



  • Hi Marco1965,

    Welcome to Cancer Chat. I can understand this must be unsettling and I'm sure the uncertainty about all of it is not easy.

    The best thing re your question will be to have a chat with your doctor to find out if it will be affected or not.

    You are also welcome to give our nurses a call in case they are able to offer advice. You can reach them on 0808 800 4040 (Monday-Friday, 9-5).

    Meanwhile I hope it's not too long to wait for your appointment and that you get the answers you need soon.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Cancer Chat Moderator

  • Hi Ben

    Thanks very much for replying my friend.

    Re my hip replacement operation on 31st January...I've emailed the surgeon and he is going to check with the pre op assessment doctor to see if we can go ahead. I'm hoping it will. 

    Re my swollen lymph node in front of my right ear.....the GP told me it was a red flag referral due to the length of time I've had the swelling and that it would be at least a month until I got an appointment at the hospital for the biopsy. The Health Service is on it's knees in Northern Ireland and I've heard of people waiting months for a red flag referral!

    I asked for a copy of my referral letter which I obtained from GP. I was told that I was being referred for a biopsy to be carried out however the referral is for an ultrasound. 

    Does anybody know if this is the normal way of things and will I have a biopsy on the same day as the ultrasound?

    I'm having my bloods taken on Wednesday and don't know what that will show up! Will that give an indication if I have Lymphoma and what exactly are they looking for?

    I live on my own and am now starting to get extremely stressed about everything....especially in the evenings when everything seems to close in on me! The stress about the hip replacement op was bad enough but now I have this to contend with as well.

    I'm normally fairly steady but this has really knocked me for six and have a constant feeling of doom in the pit of my stomach.

    If anyone can assist with my queries I would be very grateful! 





  • Hello Marco,

    Did you find out what it was? I have the same swollen lymph node in front of my left ear....


  • Hi Supermalf

    I was convinced that I had Lymphoma after making the mistake of Googling my symptoms.

    I had my bloods taken and a biopsy of some tissue. Bloods came back and everything seemed OK but I was still convinced I had Lymphoma. The biopsy came back as a benign parotid tumour which is apparently quite common. There was no malignancy shown in the tissue. I'm now waiting to see a maxillofacial surgeon to hopefully have it removed. 

    The moral of the story is not to use Google to diagnose your condition and although it is incredibly difficult to wait for test results etc. you need to try and keep yourself busy and take your mind off it. If you dwell on the worse case scenario it can take you to a very dark place.

    I hope you have seen your GP and that they get to the bottom of it for you! Stay strong and the best of luck.



  • Thanks Marco! I'm really glad that your situation turned out OK!

    Did you have any other symptoms before? Also, why do you need it removed?

    Thank you!

  • Supermalf

    No I just had the swelling in front of the ear, just where the preauricular gland sits. The parotid gland (or salivary gland), also sits here apparently. A little knowledge is sometimes a dangerous thing.

    I need to have the tumour removed as although it seems to be benign at the minute, it can turn malignant if left. ( This is from the Radiologist who carried out the biopsy and also my GP. Have you seen your GP yet? 

  • I see. 

    Yes, but I'm waiting for my blood test and the ultrasound that should happen in the following weeks.

    I also don't have any symptoms, but it has been like that for a few months. :(

    When are you removing it?



  • I'm living in Northern Ireland and the health service here has completely collapsed, so I'm waiting to see a maxillofacial surgeon at the end of the month. Ive been waiting for 6 weeks for a red flag referral which would normally have taken 2. He will probably assess it and decide whether to treat it as a red flag surgery. If he doesn't deem it urgent I could be waiting for years to have it removed.

    I first noticed the lump well over a year ago and as I previously said, I figured, wrongly, that it must be a bit of cartlidge that I hadn't noticed before. 

    I hope this helps Supermalf. I know it's easy to say but you just need to wait for the test results and try to put it out of your mind. Keep yourself busy and try not to worry too much.



  • I have noticed a lump at the side of my face infront of my ear , I have had an eye infection but it's about nearly gone and the lump is still there ! Very worried what to do 

  • Hi anai 

    I know what it's like to worry about this type of thing.....it's OK to worry and very normal.

    Look, the only thing to do is make an appointment with your GP and get it looked at. There is no other option. Make the appointment tomorrow or as soon as you can. The sooner you get it looked at the sooner you can stop worrying!