Metastatic Kidney Cancer

Hi Folks

Newbie here.  Thought I would start a post, to charter my journey, perhaps. . . . .  

First meeting with my Urologist today after an abnormal abdominal US and a subsequent CT scan.  The "thing" on my left kidney is cancer and has spread to my lungs.  My urologist is referring me to an Oncologist and getting a biopsy.  Both in around 4-6 weeks time.  Management is the objective.  

I read the room as each diagnostic piece was slowly delivered over the last three months, so I went into the appt prepared.   Although I did think it may be contained within the kidney so I might "just" looking at a nephrectomy perhaps.  I don't feel ill and I have no symptoms.      

It all began with a cough I couldn't shift for four months (not covid!) and lots of tests at the GP.  Rubbish liver function results then lead to the US referral.  An incidental finding I think they call it.  

I am not afraid to die, but no black clothes at my funeral please, else you won't be allowed in!  I am just sad that I may be unlikely to experience my children's epic milestones, like graduating, starting work, and settling down.  They are 17 and 20.  Hubby a bit shocked.    

But who knows.  Maybe we can press the pause button on this disease and I will get to go to the party. 

I am 52, female.    Oh and I really feel like "sod work" right now.  It's really not important, is it?!  

  • Hi 

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis,that must be very difficult to hear.

    I am also 52 with a 16 and 20 year old. Been recently diagnosed with breast cancer , had a mastectomy and will have follow up treaments next year.I have been told it is treatable with good recovery expected.

    I'm afraid I don't know much about liver and kidney cancer but have found the information on this forum really useful so hopefully you will be supported by other who know more than me.

    Sending you hugs and  yes definately sod work !