Newly diagnosed and feel emotionally numb

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. It’s all moving fast how. Had MRI yesterday, pre-op assessment tomorrow and consultant Thursday for treatment plan. Due to my family history and type of cancer  it seems double mastectomy is likely treatment. They have given me all this information about reconstruction but really I just want the easiest and safest op.  My concern is that I feel like I have no emotions at all. I don’t feel upset or angry. I just feel numb and completely dissociated from the diagnosis. Have others felt like this? 

  • Oh that did make me laugh! A sense of humour defo helps me, I have breast is what it amount of worry and angst will help me...but a sense of humour will do me the world of good, don't get me wrong, of course I have wept and been in a fog, but today has been a good day....and for that I am grateful, I don't know how I will feel tomorrow....I shall wait and see but I suppose that's what a cancer diagnosis does to you, I am on that rollercoaster coaster now and will ride the storm until it's over....xxxxxx

  • Your so right ...

    I've dipped really low ... and shared many a tear ... but the one thing I've learned on this rollercoaster. . Is feel whatever you feel ... high , low ... scream ... laugh ... and say it's o.k ... give your self permission to feel it all ... it's all part of this journey we find our selfs on .. I know I cope better, letting any feelings out, that wants to come out ... your two brave lasses ... and will help each other through ... 

    Wer all one big vertual family on here ... where anything goes ...  Chrissie x

  • Oh I do love everyone on here! You can say whatever you want and absolutely know you all understand......the good bad and the ugly, I have decided we are in a special club....please keep dipping in and out....we are all here for not only ourselves but for each other....sending all my boobie buddies a great big hug!! Xxxx

  • Thanks both you have really put a smile on my face tonight. I have definitely found that humour has helped so far. At the moment I’m just thinking that I get new boobies in the new year. Have never had a great relationship with my current boobies anyway xxx