Breast cancer- ductal carcinoma

Hi, I’m 25 and recently been diagnosed with ductal carcinoma grade 1, I know it’s grade 1 but I’m worrying waiting for an MRI to see if it was anywhere else. Is anyone else young like me and been diagnosed with cancer? I feel really alone in my diagnosis 

  • Hi Cloz. I'm sorry you are going through this. I'm 39 and had a 44mm Grade 1 IDC.  It's very scary diagnosis especially in my case because of the size.  I had it removed together with some overlying skin (as it was too close to the skin) and partial reconstruction on 26th June. I'm currently waiting for the post-operative pathology results.   There are a number of others on here who are young with BC. My consultant said he's seeing more and more younger women which is really concerning.  

    A MRI scan is a normal next step so they can plan your treatment. Hopefully you'll have a plan soon. I felt much better once they had told me the plan.  X

  • Hi Ruth thank you for replying, I’m glad you’ve had it removed and fingers crossed for the results. I’m hoping that the plan is sorted soon and I can have a goal to look too.