Just told on 31st May, I have leukemia

Please advise me!!!! . I had diagnoses of having leukemia on 31st May 2024, and given a urgent CT scan on 5th June 2024. Message today, apt for follow up, booked for 25th June 2024. I told my consultant I was due to go away, and she said, I should have my holiday, and try to enjoy it. So I rang consultant secretary today, and have been  told next availability will be OCTOBER. HOW CAN I WAIT until then for results, and if I need treatment to start NOW. I Have been told, by consultant, from all my previous blood test results, completed by GP, that it along with symptoms I've HAD leukemia, for at least 18ths. I thought it was long covid, sleeping at least 15hrs a day and flu like symptoms, plus lost over a stone unintentionally.

Secretary said she would email consultant, as she is not authorised to change my appointment. 

Hope someone can give me some advise 

  • You're probably better posting this in the "ask a nurse" section of these forums because they will give you a more detailed and informed answer. The type of leukaemia matters a lot when it comes to treatment. Assuming it isn't an acute one? Chronic ones can supposedly go without treatment, but then again, I know next to nothing about it. But i would post this in the above section and stipulate the exact type of leukaemia you have.