Got the formal diagnosis

Hi all

Does anyone else have an aortic stenosis and lung cancer? Both sets of docs are concerned that the 'other' issue will pre4vent me from having surgery for either condition. 

Anyone out there with some experience of this situation?


  • Hello Nicwnacw,

    It's difficult to advise so I'd suggest you speak to your medical team about alternatives to surgery, if surgery isn't possible. They will be the people to address any questions or concerns you may have and guide you through the options available to you. You can you read about some of the types of treatment for lung cancer on our website.

    I hope this is helpful,

    Moderator Anastasia

  • Hi, I don't think I'm explaining properly, I am looking to see if anyone is in the same or has been in the same situation as me, have lung cancer was awaiting surgery for Aortic stenosis. Both sets of medical doctors are uncertain if the surgical teams will be prepared to go ahead with either surgery and if so in what order. In the meantime the cancer grows, the heart worsens and I get older. 

    I cannot talk to the relevant teams as I have access only to the medical teams who have told me what they think should happen. 

    Presumably at some point I will see a surgeon and be able to discuss the reasoning behind any decisions they make. Whilst I can refuse any treatment plan I am pretty sure that I cannot insist on surgery rather than chemo/radiotherapy or a TAVI rather than AVR . TAVI comes with some serious side effects which could make the cancer op less likely etc.

    I just want to talk to someone who has been in this position of possibly having to accept minimal intervention because of fears of heart giving out in a operation, thus leaving me to a more lingering death.