Dad just been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer


my dad has just recently been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. The only symptom being slight pain when eating and acid reflux no other symptoms are present at the moment. We are hoping it has been caught early and waiting for CT scan results. Has anyone else been in a similar position or what is the next steps is it surgery? Can you fully remove the tumour and recover? 

  • Hi Lea. 
    My dad was diagnosed with tonsil cancer this time last year, so not quite the same but I thought it was worth a reply.

    Dad had surgery to remove his tonsils and a neck dissection, and then 6 weeks of radiotherapy. I’m happy to share that he is completely well and cancer free now, one year on, and whilst his consultant keeps a close eye on him every 8 weeks, for the most part we’ve been able to put the whole thing behind us.

    Hopefully your dad’s cancer has been caught early as you say. In my experience it’s not easy to fix but it can be fixed and that’s the main thing.

    Happy to chat or answer any questions you might have but otherwise I just wanted to reach out and say hello. Hope you’re coping okay x

  • Hi, 

    thank you so much for reaching out, I really appreciate it. I’m so happy to hear your dad is well and cancer free now that is amazing and definitely gives me hope.

    It has been about 6 days since we found out just by him having acid reflux and then the camera showed he had the tumour and he had his CT scan yesterday. So it is moving pretty quick but I’m finding the waiting for the results part the hardest. They have said that within two weeks a plan will be done. How old is your dad? Thanks again for reaching out and so pleased your dad is well. 

  • My dad is 65 (64 at the time of diagnosis). How old is your Dad? Have they said where the tumour is in terms of in the oesophagus?

    Waiting for results is hard and one thing I would say is messages can be very confusing, so don’t panic if you don’t quite understand what’s happening. We had a couple of situations during Dad’s diagnostic tests where we received conflicting information and it does make it hard to settle into the news when it feels like it keeps changing. Always make sure your dad has a second pair of ears at his appointments. In my experience it’s too much information for the patient to take in themselves when they are also full of anxiety and worry, so having somebody else with him will help.

    I don’t really know how you get through the waiting, but you just do. Has he been booked in for an appointment to discuss the CT results and make a plan? Our dad had a full body PET scan too just to make sure there was no spread

    Jen x

  • Hi Lea.

    I was diagnosed with esophageal  cancer may 23 similar  symptoms  to your dad but couldn't  swallow food at times. 

    My cancer was t3 not spread anywhere at all  not even the lymph nodes. 

    Was given all number of scans blood test etc to give a bigger picture of the cancer .

    Oncology  worked out a plan along with a surgical team.

    I had 4 cycles of chemotherapy  each 15days of FLOT (various chemotherapies put together.)

    Involved going into hospital  for some of the chemo then go home with a pump for 24hrs ( which fits around the waist in a pouch.)

    As with chemotherapy  there are all sorts of various side effects and everybody will get some of coarse everybody is different so these will vary upon patient.

    Once first 4 cycles of chemo completed all test etc are again done (pet scans, blood tests etc).

    I as told cancer had shrunk some and the next step was an operation ( ivor Lewis op) which is a big operation over 8/ 9 hours.

    So was introduced to physiotherapist  to gauge your fitness for op.( improve it )

    Operation and recovery is a long process 12 weeks.

    Once recovery process completed I then had another 4 cycles of chemotherapy to be sure cancer was cleared.

    It takes time to get back to some normality my journey still goes on even now.

    I have been extremely  lucky as I am told I am now cancer free.

    So Lea. 

    Tell Dad to be positive  its not an easy journey there are plenty of ups and downs. A lot to deal with physically  and mentally so take all the help he wants and requires.

    If you want some finer details don't hesitate to ask.

    As a family your support and strength are a big positive for Dad duing his treatment so stay be strong for him.

    I hope this helps a little

    I wish your Dad my best wishes and strength through his journey.


  • My dad is 60 so is young and he is fit and healthy. It is near the bottom but it is not in his stomach or anything so that should be a good sign? 

    Thank you for your advice I do agree a second pair of ears is needed!! His scan was yesterday but we haven’t heard anything as of yet and we did ask why is he not having a PET scan but they said he may not need that yet. I wished they would have just done both together x

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    Hi Steve, 

    thank you so much for reaching out to me I really do appreciate it!

    I just want to say I’m so happy to hear your cancer free! 

    I am very scared but trying to remain positive. So after your chemo you had to have the tests done again before your operation? It really does sound like a long tough process but I appreciate your story and reaching out to me as it has given me a clearer understanding. He is only 60 so still young. 

    I will remain positive for him and he does have a strong family network around him so we will get him through this. 

    thank you again for your message and do you mind me messaging you from time to time as we go through this? 

    thank you Steve and once again so happy to hear your cancer free! 

    Lea x

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    Yes, I had scans before chemo and after chemo, after op and again after 2nd round of chemo. And still will be scanned regularly over the next 5 years. 

    And yes please do message me. Also my other half would be happy to answer questions as she made the journey with me.

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    I really appreciate you reaching out and yes I would love to speak to your other half also whilst I go through this journey with my dad. Thank you so much again 

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    Your welcome anytime take care

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    We thought we would have had some answers today as dad was told consultants etc were meeting today to discuss the patients and create a plan. Dad phoned and they haven’t managed to discuss his plan yet as they are still waiting for his biopsy results. We now have to wait another week as it’s only every Wednesday they meet! Any tips on how to cope with the waiting? These two weeks feel like two years :( finding it very difficult!