New colorectal cancer- I’m terrified!

Hi, I found out just before the long bank holiday weekend that I have a fairly sizeable sigmoid tumour. I’m really scared about next steps and just want to know exactly what I’m dealing with, but everything has shut down for Easter. Feel completely in limbo and lurching from being pragmatic and sensible to crazy, scared and out of control.  I just want scans and results and a plan so I can regain some control of the situation. 
Just sharing to offload some of these feelings. Anyone been in this position? How quickly should I expect things to move now? 

  • Hi, just an update…finally got results and a plan and feeling so much more in control now. Tumour is contained with no spread, and therefore a straightforward op hopefully, a couple of suspect lymph nodes which will also be removed and sent for histology when I have surgery and then wait to see if chemo is needed. 
    all much more manageable than in my head and curable most importantly. 
    thanks for the advice and support, hope everyone is doing ok 

  • Yes i had a ct scan and was told it hadn’t spread i had lymph nodes removed and it was noticed that two were showing possible cancer so now having chemo for three months starting next week, i hope all goes well for you