New colorectal cancer- I’m terrified!

Hi, I found out just before the long bank holiday weekend that I have a fairly sizeable sigmoid tumour. I’m really scared about next steps and just want to know exactly what I’m dealing with, but everything has shut down for Easter. Feel completely in limbo and lurching from being pragmatic and sensible to crazy, scared and out of control.  I just want scans and results and a plan so I can regain some control of the situation. 
Just sharing to offload some of these feelings. Anyone been in this position? How quickly should I expect things to move now? 

  • How big is the tumour ? I had a fit test of 168 then a colonoscopy where they found a tumour which  was 5 cm big,

    a week later i had a ct scan then an operation to remove it 

  • Hi Deb-71 I was diagnosed with the same thing in February. I know how you feel as it’s the waiting that is the worst part. Hopefully you will get some more information soon. I had a CT scan which showed no spread and I’ve go other appointments lined up to find out what happens next. It’s hard but try to do normal things if you can. Look after yourself and be selfish if you need to. Keep in touch if you want to chat. Think positive thoughts and your in the system now so things will move fairly quickly. Take care 

  • Thanks, it’s 7cm.  Really glad you got your answers and surgery so quickly. Hope you are doing ok now

  • Thanks

    very glad you had no spread…hoping for the same

    I’m really hoping I get a scan this week just so I know what to prepare for. 

  • Yes i had it done i now have a stoma which is reversible , getting a little better each day but still don’t feel myself it gets me down a bit , i was told they took 22 lymph nodes out and two of them were starting to go cancerous so i will have to have mop up chemotherapy 

  • I had a CT scan before the operation which also showed no spread but when they did the biopsy on the lymph nodes they found two were starting to go cancerous, 

    Have you got a date for your operation yet ? 

  • Sending lots of love to you. From my own experience, once a tumour has been detected & cancer is confirmed, things will move very quickly. I think one of my nurses told me that you immediately go onto a cancer pathway which means you MUST be attended to/given your next appointment or scheduled in for surgery or treatment (all depending on your needs) within two weeks of it being confirmed. I know how difficult this stage is - you feel as though you’re just ‘sitting’ with it inside you - but try to focus on the positive that it has now been detected and that you ARE on the right path. This period of waiting was the hardest so far for me but you’ve just got to keep your mind in a good place - just know that, yes, it’s a frustrating, worrying time but you are moving in the right direction - even though it might feel like ‘waiting’, the waiting is one day closer to getting the help or treatment you need to get on the path to recovery. I hope that helps. 

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    Thanks, you’ve all been very reassuring. I think the long weekend didn’t help! I’ve now had a lovely chat with the nurse specialist and I’m booked for a scan today so everything is moving along at  pace. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea about what I’m dealing with and a plan to tackle it very soon

  • Hi. So sorry you have to go through this uncertain time. Hope you are feeling.a little calmer now the weekend is over and you have a scan booked. I’m sure you’ll find that the process will move fairly quickly now. Feeling helpless and with no information is the worst. I’m recovering after colorectal surgery to remove a 5cm mass and have a loop ileostomy which will hopefully be reversible. I’m not sure yet if I’ll need chemo too. It’s a journey for sure. Please take care and be kind to yourself and lean on all your experts and friends/family. It’s ok to have huge swings of emotion. Very best wishes and there’s lots of support here on the forum.

  • The waiting game is the worst, all the different scenario's keep you awake each night.  But once you get your treatment plan you do feel more in control and treatment starts pretty soon after.  Mine had spread to my liver but with 3 months of chemo then one 8 hour op to remove both sigmoid and liver tumours. Left with a loop ileostomy for 11 months. 3 more months of chemo. Just had ileostomy reversal and feeling great. All cancer gone. Any questions then do ring your colorectal nurses. They are great. Don’t forget to write your questions down for you appointments too. Also look up local cancer charities that have bowel cancer group meetings. It really helps talking to others who have gone through the same.