Long waiting time melanoma wle and snlb panicking

I have just been diagnosed with melanoma 2a 3.4 deep in my chin, really worried about possibly of it spreading so was shocked to find out under Nottingham it’s a 9-12 month wait! I’m  likely to need a skin graft as well just sooo worried I don’t think I can cope with such a long wait for the next surgery I’ve spend days trying to find out of area hospitals can do it any quicker, if anybody had any ideas if hospitals to try I’d be really grateful x

  • I'm so sorry to hear that - I've certainly not heard of any hospital with a waiting time for a WLE (and I assume a SLNB) that long - 8 - 12 weeks is currently the norm. 

    I can't suggest any hospitals but I strongly suggest you go back to your GP and ask them to do the leg work for you. There are several Centres of Melanoma Excellence within a 100 mile radius of your location and that is what you want to ask your GP about. I would also contact PALS at your hospital to see if they can intervene & get a quicker date for you.

    If you are having a SLNB, this causes a delay because it must be done at the same time as the WLE, therefore it takes longer surgery time, especially if you then have to have a skin graft. I know a few patients who, because of the delay, have foregone the SLNB. It's something to seriously consider, especially as the SLNB isn't a treatment, it's just a diagnostic tool for staging purposes. You should have been given details of the specialist nurse - give them a ring to discuss this with them - it may help bring the appointment forward. Finally, please ring the nurses helpline at the Melanoma Focus charity website. They may be able to give you good advice and they are based not too far away from you.

    Meanwhile I will send you a friend request. If you accept it I can then send you a pm and we can chat about this further if you wish. Good luck,

    Angie (Stage 3 melanoma patient since 2009)

  • Thank you so much  it’s just such a worrying time x

  • I’m Nottingham and I’ve been done in a matter of a few weeks.4 times very recently

  • Wow I saw my consultant on Tuesday and it’s been reconfirmed for wle slnb and skin  graft it’s 9 months but if I don’t want the snlb it can be 8 weeks, I’m also braf possitive. I’m under a hospital where they don’t do it there I’ve been ringing round other hospitals as I definitely want the slnb, I want to be proactive if it is in my lymph nodes, it’s such a worrying time