Melanoma WLE and what to expect in appointments


I'm 21 and a few weeks ago I got a stage 1A melanoma (0.7mm) diagnosed after 3 months of waiting for results. I feel relieved in a LOT of ways as we caught it early! But I am struggling with my mental health in other aspects of life more than I feel like I should be but I'm sure that will get better with time. Anyway, I've got a consultation about a WLE with a plastic surgeon this week and I'm not sure what to expect in terms of it impacting my mobility as it's right above my left knee- has anyone experienced it to tell me more about what to expect from the appointment/aftermath ?



  • Also I think I may be experiencing some related fatigue and nausea but I'm not sure if they're related and I thought that i wouldn't experience this if the cancer is gone (they said i had a 95% chance that nothing would come of the WLE) does this sound normal or should i be concerned? I've got an different appointment of Friday with the dermatologist so I can ask him too but any insight would be really helpful :)

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    Hi Cleo,

    I'm pretty sure that the fatigue & nausea is due to the trauma you've suffered, both mentally & physically. It takes a while for your brain to take in a cancer diagnosis and the stress can cause lots of different symptoms. Your symptoms aren't usually linked to melanoma, however it won't harm to bring it up at your appointment.

    I can't advise on mobility after your WLE as mine was on my shin. I have had a further mole removed from above the back of my knee and that caused little mobility issue after the first few days of rest. The Plastic Surgeon will give you all the information regarding the surgery & post surgery so just ask them if they miss anything out.

    With regards to your mental health, you could ask your GP if they can help or you could contact your local Macmillan or Maggies Centre if you have one - they can provide counselling. Failing that, there is a counselling support group for melanoma patients called Melanoma Me - they are based in the North East and they can provide remote (online) one on one counselling. Home - Melanoma-Me

    Good luck with your appointments and I hope your WLE and results go well.

    Angie (Stage 3 melanoma patient since 2009)

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    Hey Angie, 

    thanks for the reply the consultation went well today and i think i know a bit more what to expect-

    take care, 

    Cleo x

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    That's good to hear. I hope you feel a little less anxious now you have more information x

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with melanoma in the 2nd stage on the 8th of September and tbh didn’t take in any information at all when I sat in front of consultant expecting everything to be fine and was told the suspicious mole on me left calf was actually cancerous! So at the moment my mental health is just about catching up from then,I’ve been slightly numb and waiting for the WLE as well as a biopsy on my lymph glands has caused my anxiety to raise through the roof!! 
    I’m absolutely on your level at the moment and thank you for posting. I’m gonna ring consultants secretary to go through some information that can calm my mind, this could be an option for you, take care