New lump after biopsy

Hi all! I spent quite a lot of time reading posts here recently after finding a small lump in my right breast. I went to my GP, was referred to the breast clinic and two weeks later had an US and biopsy. All turned out to be okay thankfully, and it was diagnosed as a benign Fibroadenoma. Happy days, and I felt very thankful because I know not everyone is so lucky. My biopsy was on the 11th of July, so about two months ago. 

About two weeks ago I noticed a new lump under my nipple of the same breast. It’s about a cm from the initial lump and I think is smaller, but feels almost like two tiny lumps connected. At first I wondered if it was just the same lump felt from another angle but I can feel them both independently and simultaneously. I do think the new lump is in the pathway of the first biopsy, if that’s relevant. 

I’m 31, no kids. No history of BC in my family. 

Has anyone else had new lumps after biopsy? I’ve waited until my period started in case it was just hormonal but it doesn’t seem to be going away. I am thinking of going back to my GP but I don’t want to overreact, I had a benign biopsy and an ultrasound so recently.