Advanced prostate cancer treatment options.

There I was, a happy, healthy, fit 58 year old. A trip to the doctors for a minor water works problem soon escalated to a diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer.

Eight weeks, a course of Bicalutamide, an injection of Decapeptyl later and it's now time to make a decision about my treatment, a decision that I don't feel qualified to take.

Option 1 is Docetaxel chemotherapy with Darolutamide followed by radiotherapy.

Option 2 is Apalutamide with radiotherapy.  All of my research suggests that the chemotherapy is the standard way to proceed but my consultant oncologist strongly suggested that the Apalutamide, with radiotherapy but without chemotherapy was a preferable option.

Has anyone had any experience of this the Apalutamide without chemotherapy as a first treatment?


  • My husband was diagnosed over 6 years ago but opted for surgery and had his prostate removed and has been fine ever since 

    we were confused about making a decision about treatment but feel we made the right choice 

    good luck with what you choose I hope all goes well for you x

  • thanks for writing. good to hear.

    p.s. would be great if you could comment on side effects but no problem if not comfortable to do so. thanks again

  • He was lucky enough to get control back for his bladder but I’m afraid he had no luck with erections, tried tablets and injections but none worked

  • This is very interesting, my partner has had just this, he doesnt have his next injection until january, im apprehensive about it torso thought we could confir ontreatment and side effects, if you'd like to. My [lets call him Bob] Bob is just extremely tired but still up with the birds at 7:00, hes having pain in his neck and his hip but only moderate, and he's been cooking a bit on his food but he already has weak muscles in his throat and eosophagus from cancer 30 yrs ago. Im amazed by him hes 85 and never gives in, and today he went to help fit windows with a friend, so i hope this inspires you and keep in touch should you want to.