Newly diagnosed Endometrial cancer spread to the omentum

Hello everyone I'm a healthy 76 year old lady or was,  till I had post menopausal bleeding went immediately to my GP had all the relevant tests biopsies and MRI scan and was told I had stage 1b endometrial cancer hysterectomy arranged then during keyhole surgery which was sadly abandoned due to a deseased omentum biopsies was sent off during my procedure frozen test done showed cancer on the omentum hysterectomy cancelled now I have been told I have stage 4 endometrial cancer, and it was never stage 1b :-(  I had one of the team phone me a few days ago, she was  not very sympathetic  said chemo is all I can be offered,  will be arranged at my local hospital, it MAY help,  which I'm waiting to hear from the clinical  oncology team,  telephone appointment arranged for the 28th February 22. I asked her why could the hysterectomy not go ahead even if cancer was on the omentum she said it was not feasible, as it's inoperable. I have seen and read if  the omentum was removed during  the hysterectomy and then chemo carried out as adjuvant therapy. Was a better prognoses.   I have also read that sadly the prognoses is not good with this stage cancer if surgery is not done. Has anyone been diagnosed stage 4 cancer and after just chemo survived this. Or do I need to get a second opinion my kind understanding GP said he would arrange it but I don't want to waste time, maybe another few months.  I have a huge family I haven't shared the negative parts as yet with them looking for something positive to tell them first. Thank you  

  • Aww thanks for the reply… sounds like you had the best birthday. 

    Fingers  crossed for you,  the liver hangs in’s your side effects from Chemo? I’m still getting bouts of  tingling in hands & feet, nothing compared to what it was like. 

    I’m still finishing off Radiotherapy on the pelvis area. Seeing oncologist tomorrow to discuss what’s next. 

    Take care Scarlett….. Kim 

  • Oh my goodness ladys what a cruel world we live in ..but yous a troopers 54 and have been told only the other day of this thickness of my womb lining at 30mm so all I  doing at this stage is crying and googling waiting for an rapid appointment to see gyno then heaven forbid what the outcome is

  • Hello Kim. Thank you for your message.  The chemotherapy has left me using a walking stick because of the peripheral neuropathy  in my feet pretty dead now,  caused byplacitacil .  It was stopped after 4 treatments my oncologist said I could end up in a whee hair so it was stopped. I was given Carboplatin only for the 2 treatments that were left. Then I had surgery…. I also still have tingling in my fingers. My oncologist decided not to give me Radiation  he did plan on giving me radiation but changed his mind.  After surgery I had 3 lots of Carboplatin 3 weeks apart I did say to my oncologist it won’t work without it’s partner in crime Paclitaxcil or Taxol for short. What a waste of precious time it did nothing in fact it then spread to my lymph nodes near my left groin and the aorta.  The good thing it hasn’t spread since using Dostarlimab but these tumours need to start shrinking.  I am praying with all my heart so are my family and friends that my liver behaves, and Dostarlimab works. I hope it all goes well with your oncologist tomorrow Kim Good luck we all need that. This is like a rollercoaster ride can’t wait to get off  please keep in touch, talking is good. God bless Scarlett  

  • Hello Anita please don’t cry and try not to worry, I know how difficult that is, not to worry.  Wait to hear what the gynaecologist has to say.. Have you had any other problems. Wipe your tears away. It maybe OK. Take care God bless Scarlett. 

  • This is all normal, it’s the unknown. You need to put your big girl pants on  … try not to google the information can be outdated or completely wrong. Every case is different, so wait to see your consultant. Good luck xx

  • Oh bless you Scarlett, I still have some nerve damage but it is liveable …. My last chemo was only 8 weeks ago so I’m hoping it’s still early days and the tingling will get better. 

    I’m still having radiotherapy, 4 more to go. Will find out later what’s the next steps.   Fingers crossed what ever it is it bloody works. for both of us…. Good luck Scarlett xx

  • Hello scarlet thank you for your reply its soo nice to have people to reach out to,...i was told i had a prolapse 1 year ago ,was still having regular periods untill 3 months ago when they became extremely heavy with lower pains and massive clots..had an ulrasound ans transvaginal last week,the following day my GP rang snd the lining of my womb is 30mm and due to my age wants me in for rapid gyno appointment,i just got my appointment for the gyno today for next thursday the 23rd..

  • Hello Anita thinking of you… very important day today ,said a little prayer for you.  Do you have someone to keep you company. I have my husband to hold my hand ;-)  he’s been doing that now for 64 years. Was married 62 years on the 21st. Sorry it’s not about me. I hope  you get only good news . But even if it isn’t your a young lady so lots can be done Anita. I’m here if you want to chat. God bless  Scarlett 

  • I’ve been called back after polpy histology sent off after being discharged ! My lining 10 mm and I m worri3d sick too it’s cancer in the polpy or enduro lining  they booked me half an hr apt  but I had the polp excised 6 weeks ago , results will hav3 been back 9 days when I go 

  • Hi scarlet abandoned gynaecology appointment no sample taking....on 6 week waiting list for appointment to have hyster...whatever it is.....biopsy ,coil fitted etc....too much going on in there they've found a few sists too