Depressed and can’t go out

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer almost a year ago .

Went through treatment and I still should be doing some follow up treatments but can’t go outside my house anymore .Im anxious all the time and depressed . So I told the hospital that I’m not able to attend .

Cant see my future and don’t enjoy anything .I just watch tv and YouTube all day and  can’t wait for the day to end .. I don’t know for how long I can go on like this .Antidepressants don’t help either ..

  • Hello Lillabilla, 

    You went through a lot after your cancer diagnosis last year and sometimes, as many members of our community will know only too well, it can hit you really hard once treatment is over and it is not uncommon to then suffer from anxiety and depression. You will find on our website in-depth information on mental health and cancer and on mental health during and after cancer treatment and I hope that you will find some good tips in there to help you support your mental wellbeing. You will also find on our website a list of mental health support organisations as for example Mind - don't hesitate to contact those you feel might be relevant or helpful to you. 

    It sounds like your depression and anxiety are preventing you from leaving the house and this is a little bit worrying as it is important that you try and go to these follow up appointments so that they can monitor you closely. You've taken a brave step in reaching out to us on the forum and I would advise you get in touch with your GP tomorrow - simply pick up the phone if you feel it is too much to go out but do give your surgery a call and explain your situation. It sounds like you need to talk to your GP as soon as possible about this and explain that you cancelled your follow up appointment because of your depression and this anxiety you have about going out. Make sure you mention that the antidepressants haven't been helping - it might simply be that they need to change your medication or adjust it. It is therefore really important that you get in touch with your doctor and tell them how you've been feeling. 

    If it all gets a bit much for you and you feel really down, there is also the Samaritans helpline which you can ring at any time of day or night so don't hesitate to give them a call on 116 123 (it's a free number). 

    Don't suffer in silence Lillabilla and I hope that you have supportive people around you who can give you a hand and come and see you if you feel too lonely. I wanted you to know that we on Cancer Chat are there for you too. Many members of our online community will have experienced this kind of depression before and I am sure that they will have some good suggestions for you. 

    I hope you manage to speak to your doctor tomorrow about all this and that they can help you find the best solution so you can reschedule this important follow up appointment and hopefully feel well enough again soon to attend it. 

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • Hi Lillabilla

    I just wanted to say it's sounds like you've come a long way - well done for getting through your treatment and a very tough year indeed. You are stronger than you feel right now.. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so low and isolated.. Hope things feel better soon