tamoxifen and bleeding

Hi, I have been taking tamoxifen for 3.5 years following my diagnosis of breast cancer. Due to covid and having to wait for my lumpectomy I was plunged into the menopause, given some injection and given letrozole, post raiotherapy I was put on tamoxifen, no bleeding until last week - called breast clinic and now have to have a vaginal scan. I'm just looking for some reassurance, they've told me to stop the tamoxifen due to the issues relating to the medication and risks. Can anyone share their experience if similar. \Many thanks 

  • Nelly 

    I can’t answer about bleeding as it’s not happening to me 

    but how are you finding tamox I have been on it 2 years the size affects are starting now and getting horrendous flushes can I ask how you are and what brand of tamox you taking I’m thinking of stopping them x 

  • I have had various brands and have had various effects depending on the brand , sleeplessness, flushes etc I was fine initially but the flushes since last year have been awful. They've told me to stop taking it for the forseable and I am happy to do that. I have to admit that I didn;t really think about the risks around endometrial issues etc but obviously now I am panicking somewhat. Hope you get on ok xx

  • Nelly it took two years for side effects nos I can’t seem to be able to sleep due to the sweats it’s dragging me down nothing helps 

    My friend has been in them 7 years had some spotting but all was ok I’m sure you will be ok but best to get checked 

    you are so lucky you can stop them x 

    keepmin touch love Lara x 

  • Hi Lara, thanks for your reply, yep I need to get it all checked out

    I know there are other medications we can take and I will keep you posted if they address this, they said they'd do the scan and then have a meeting and then let me know. It might be worthwhile contacting the breast clinic and letting the breast clinic know that you are really suffering and see what they can advise.

    Wishing you all the very best xx

  • Nelly 

    thank you , yes let me no please 

    wishing you well for your check I’m sure you gunna be ok sending you all the luck in the world xx 

    stsy in touch  lovr lara x 

  • Sending big hugs & yes will let you know xx