Trying to move forward

Hi, I’m Kat, I’m new to the group chat  , I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in July last year, 2 ops and radiotherapy and my treatment is done I don’t actually know how i feel about it all, numb and,  did I just go through that !

Compared to others  I know how lucky I am,But,  I’m struggling with moving on.  I’ve put it in a box in my head to get through it all but it’s so hard to look back and try an deal with. Any help would be appreciated. 
sending you all lots of love xx 

  • Hi Kat 

    I also went through the same but July 22 

    After everything finished I felt the same but time soon passes and you forget it ever happened 

    Are you taking any hormone blockers now ? 
    love Lara x 

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    Hi Lara, It all seems a blur and I know it will pass hopefully as they say time is a healer. I’m taking tamoxifen started them in October, not too many side effects. How are you doing now? X

  • I was diagnosed on July last year, lumpectomy, radiotherapy and tamoxifen now.  There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think about it all and returning but it’s definitely for easier. As soon as those thoughts enter my head I let them just pass through try keep myself busy. There will always be triggers that will take you right back but time definitely does help.