Really low

Hi. I was diagnosed a year ago with her2 positive breast cancer. Had chemo, lumpectomy and radiotherapy. I'm still having herceptin jabs till August. Now taking anastrozole for 5 years. But been feeling low last 2 to 3 weeks so now just started sertraline. I just don't feel like myself and the house is getting on top of me. Hubby very slow with getting bathroom finished. A sore point. I am just feeling awful in myself ....really really down its untrue.  Me and hubby nearly split up last week. But we decided not to. I think we've both feel affected by it all plus the house a constant work in progress....has bn for years. I don't want to be a misery as not nice for my 2 teenage boys (school age) either but I'm just no fun at all. I've let myself go. I'm trying with the house work but keep getting distracted. Always something else to see to or deal with. I feel bad as not as happy as I and others thought I might be (the cancer has gone). Obviously I'm relieved at that. But I find it hard to enjoy my life as also got a benign tumour on my colon so have to get that removed so I'm waiting for that date to come through. I just wish my mood felt better as dealing with stuff is so much easier. Has anyone any tips or advice please. Thanks. I coped so well during all the treatment and everyone were really supportive. Now I struggle facing g a grocery shop but go if I really have to. Hubby or boys go if I'm too tired or low. My hubbys working away till Thursday so it's good we're having a breather as he works from home and I'm home all day too.

  • Welcome to the forum, Kfer.

    I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. It's understandable to feel overwhelmed, especially with everything you've been dealing with.

    Managing household stress and feeling low can be challenging, but it might be helpful to try breaking tasks into smaller steps and communicate openly with your husband and the boys about your needs. Remember, it's okay to not always feel happy, and seeking support from your support network can be helpful during tough times.

    We have many others here who have gone through a similar experience and I hope you'll very soon get to talk with them as talking with those who can understand what we're going through does seem to help. 

    You've shown incredible strength already, and it's important to give yourself credit for that. Take things one step at a time, and be kind to yourself.

    Wishing you strength and healing as you navigate this difficult time,

    Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator