Finished breast cancer treatment

Hi everyone, 

As the title says, I’ve recently finished treatment for stage 1 breast cancer. Everything went as well as it could have done. Stage 1, cancer cells weren’t present in my lymph nodes etc. but now I’ve completed radio, I think it’s all hitting me now how serious this has all been. I think I’ve been in auto pilot since finding out and now I feel a bit ‘out in the cold‘ if that makes sense as treatment has been completed. 

I’ll be seeing my consultant in the next 6-10 weeks to see how everything is going but I’m panicking the cancer may have spread and wasn’t picked up but mostly im terrified it’s growing somewhere else that I don’t know about. I have young children and the thought of cancer growing somewhere else just fills me with panic. 

is this normal? Is there anything I can do to ease this? 

thank you for reading xxx

  • Rolo 

    well done for finishing everything, I finished one year ago had my first annual check in July all clear .

    I don’t think the fear of reoccurrence ever goes away to be honest , I also think only a mamo once a year is not enough as it can come back anywhere in the body just not the best I feel we should get annual MRIS .this is something iM going to do next year is pay private for these every year gunna be my own doctor to make sure . 
    Love Lara x 

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    I’m in the same place as you right now but I feel like now the treatment is over I have the reality of what I’ve just been through is sinking in. I’m taking Tanoxifen now for the next 5 years but feel so depressed and anxious all the time I’m not sure if it’s the pills or part of the recovery process I do t want to go to the doctors and be put on antidepressants I feel

    life after treatment is a very lonely place to be. Any advice or communication would be greatly appreciated 

    jen x

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    how long have you been on tamoxifen, I have been on them a year on nov6 th 

    it’s strange when you finish everything but things go back to normal quite quickly xx 

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    Jen I could by booking a few holidays made a difference I have been away about 7 times since making up for lost time I have found this to be amazing x 

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    Thanks for the reply I’ve been taking tamoxifen since the end of August it’s the struggle with the mood swings I’m ether up high or rock bottom there’s no in between I an trying to get myself out an about but it’s like a short fix as soon as I get home the clouds come back it’s been a tough year for me as we moved home and lost my mum then a cancer diagnosis all in 12 months so I don’t expect to be buzzing about life but the moods are having an effect on my family.xx

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    it’s a massive thing to go through give yourself time lovely xx 

  • Thanks for replying Lara I really appreciate it and agree the mammograms are not enough. I really like the idea of having a private mri, out of interest do you know roughly the cost of that privately? 
    thanks again for replying and glad you are all clear xx

  • Hi Jen, 

    I could have wrote the majority of what you said. Just know you’re not alone xxx

  • Rolo 

    yes k definitely bring my own doctor my 2 nd annual check is July 24 I’m going to book a private mri around this time full body I’m taking no risks xx I’m not to sure on price but think it’s about £600 to £800  xx 

    m argument is normally breast cancer comes back bones ect why don’t they carry out these tests annually too x 

    how are you feeling now ? 

  • I had bilateral mastectomies last September ,lymphclearance on left as well .Finished chemo in March and feeling great .It I is odd to finish everything though as we get used to going to all these appointments and also meeting people . I don’t have scans or mammograms as there is nothing now . I try not to think about secondaries as that would drive you mad . I do take antidepressants,mainly for the sweats ,and I take Letrezole ,which is like Tamoxifen but for post menopausal women . Suppose to take that for 10 years . Stay positive and live your life to the full xx