Moving on after cancer - My partner's experiencing strange side effects after trial chemo. Is this normal?

Good evening, I’m so far feeling very overwhelmed with your kind words and support, it’s taken me almost a year to pluck up the courage to speak to professionals in regards to my other half having cancer and treatment. So to cut a long story short if you don’t already know In April my partner had cancer treatment for his bowel, he had half of his bowel removed and has recovered well. My question today is, my partner had been doing a trial chemo before and after surgery it’s called the fox trot trial and the side effects he’s getting now are very strange, he’ll get very cold feet, feel cold, this is very unusual for my partner, can these thing’s recover in time after having chemo? Thank you, love to you all and don’t give up, you’ve got this ♥️

  • It is pretty common.

    One of my chemo drugs was capecetibine which can cause short term nerve damage which makes your hands and feet feel like they’re frozen - even when they feel hot to anyone else who touches them. 

    From memory, my feet felt normal again within two months of chemo ending. The same drug also temporarily messed up my taste buds which for me was worse! Again the side effects slowly disappeared by the end of a couple of months.