Breast reconstruction: can you feel the mesh?

Hi everyone,

I am ten weeks on from a mastectomy and reconstruction with a silicon implant. 

The swelling ius finally disappearing so it feels like the implant is settling down.

However, I can feel two small bumps at the bottom in the middle and sort of lumpiness across the whole thing. The surgeon has suggested it may be the ADM mesh I am feeling.

Has anyone else had this experience of feeling the mesh through the skin?

Thank you!

  • Hi!

    I had a single mastectomy with immediate reconstruction (silicone implant and mesh) on July 10 and very similar to you have been feeling a hard (ish) type lump at the very middle/ at the top of my implant. I went back to the breast clinic last week and had an ultrasound and was told it is the mesh I can feel and hopefully it should settle down soon. I’m meeting with my surgeon for an oncoplastic apt in Nov so will have her check it over again then. The radiographer that did my ultrasound last week was very reassuring and by the sounds of it seems to be quite common. Hopefully it will all settle down more as healing goes on. 

    Hope that helps! 

  • Thanks so much Bella - that is very reassuring! 

    I hope everything is going well for you and you are making a great recovery