1 year ago today my first breast clinic and the dreaded happened , but I’m doing amazing now

Hi everyone 

Just wanted to share this 

one year ago today I visited the breast clinic a week later had a breast cancer diagnosis.

one year on I feel absolutely amazing full of energy full of life living like everyday is my last loving life . 

I will put that year to jail Cause I’m never going back in there I’m free .

to any ladies who are at the start of their journeys please please stay as positive as you can , it’s a marathon not a sorint but you do get through it and come out the other side .

god bless you all and I’m here to help or chat .

big hugs love Lara xxxx

  • Hi Laraj, been a couple of months since I've been on here, so pleased to have popped in and seen your post. Thank you for all your support you give us when we find this site for the first time, when we are scared, desperate and lost. I really appreciated you and the group and it really helped navigate myself through my journey.  To update my onco score came back at 20 so no chemo just waiting for a date for radiotherapy now. Think it could still be another 10 to 15 weeks!

    So glad you are feeling so good x 

    Jan x 

  • Jan 

    so lovely to hear from you , I’m so happy that you feel I helped you .

    absolutely best news with the low score and no chemo required ..

    I also waited a long time for radiotherapy but it went smooth it will for you too I promise .

    again so lovely you replied to my post thank you love Lara xxxxx

  • Such a positive post for everyone to read, amazing.