Melanoma & Critical illness policy claim


I was recently diagnosed with a stage 1a skin malignant  melanoma of 0.3mm.  I have a critical illness policy which says it will cover malignant melanoma but only if it's invaded 'beyond the epidermis'. Does anyone know what this really means in relation to the various staging levels or anyone had a successful pay out on such a policy for a stage 1a case?


Thanks in advance. 

  • Thank you! I will give it a go x

  • Hi @Kirstyke, we contacted Zurich by telephone and they weren't able to say what stage they would cover but repeated the melanoma shouls have invaded beyond epidermis. It made me think its probably too thin or early to meet criteria.


    The breslow depth is 0.6mm and 1B due to the ulceration, still waiting on other appointments now 17th May groin ultrasound and 30th May plastic surgeon. Have you had any good feedback about your claim?   I've researched alot online and looks like a mixed bag really some getting approved in full for 1a onwards and others not.  I wish you luck with your claim. 

  • How did you get on? Were the lymph nodes clear? Just been diagnosed...