Radiation and possible risk to young children

Can someone who has had radiation comment on the risk to young children? I will be having radiation sometime in the next few weeks and I know there are concerns for people receiving radiation treatments being around young children. I have a 3 month old great granddaughter who I am around a lot of the time and I certainly don't want to cause her any possible harm. Her Mom, my granddaughter, and I are very close, so she is here a lot visiting with the baby. I will certainly be talking about this to my treatment team, but thought some of my forum buddies would give me a heads up on it prior to my meeting with them. Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Lorraine

    Thought I would pop a note on your thread although the info is 'second-hand'.  When my friend had to have radiation treatment for her breast cancer she also had a young grandchild and at the time was told by her medical team to avoid close contact with  baby and toddlers during treatment and for six weeks afterwards. she found it very hard but her family worked round it to an extent by settling up Skype on her computer and sometimes her son would park outside with the  baby and she would talk via mobile from the doorstep. Thankfully  in the longer term the treatment gave her extra time with her family (seeng a second and then a third grandchild born).  Wishing you all the very best with the treatment (my friend coped well although did experience increased fatigue) and sending big hugs. Jules x

  • Hi there Jules, thanks for that info. I thought I recalled reading something to that effect on here at some point, but of course didn't remember exactly what was said about it. Using skype is an excellent idea as I will be able to see her grow and change over the time I can't be around her and hopefully, she will remember me when I get to see her in person again. She was here today for the afternoon and she is such a delight to be around. My granddaughter (her Mom) is a great little mother too. I feel bad that my son isn't here to see his first grandchild and so sorry that she will miss getting to know what a great person he was.

    The radiation I will be receiving is a part of trials that they are doing here on my type of cancer and appaently, I fit the criteria that they are looking for. My lung surgeon submitted my case for consideration becasue she can't operate again, (this is my third recurrance in my lung) and she doesn't think I'm a suitable candidate for radiation that they usually do. I'll know more about it when I meed with the treatment team.

    Thanks for that info Jules. I see your posts from time to time. How are you doing now? I know it takes time to work through the grief and the loss that you have experienced. I hope you are doing okay.



  • Hi Lorraine

    It's great that you have been accepted as a candidate for the trials and it could well be that the radiation you are to recieve will not require you to keep your distance. I think I have read somewhere that it depends on the type of radiation (complicated subject!). Will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well for you and am sure recovery time will be less than if you were to be having another op.   Sounds as though you have great oncologist/consultant looking after  you.

    Your family/emotional bond to both your grand-daughter and great grand daughter would always have been special but is even more so having lost your son at such a young age. He is still a part of your lives and I have no doubt that you see him in both of them.  I certainly see 'sparks' of my hubby in our kids/grandkids; a small comfort.

    I think I am coping reasonably well these days though emotions often take me by surprise still and am learnng to 'manage' and 'accept' this as a natural process of grief. Sometimes it feels just like yesterday that hubby passed away and in reality it's now 10 months. I am under no illusions that the coming festive season will be an emotional hurdle with the anniversary of his passing shortly afterwards but we support each other as a family and hope to be able to give the little ones new memories to cherish. A couple of celebrations this month; eldest grandson turns 7 and son's other half turns 30 (she is having a small family and friends meal at local restaurant) so happy moments moving forward.  Hubby loved Christmas and we will raise a glass of two  I am sure in his memory (tears and laughter seem to go hand in hand) and deep breathing exercises will be well rehearsed! 

    Thank you for asking and do let me know how it all goes when you meet with your team if you can. Best wishes to you and the family. Hugs  Jules

  • Hi Lorriane,

    Sorry I havent replied before but I wanted to check up on things. When I had my 37 radiotherapy treatments I was told it posed no danger to children. I did have a CT scan and for this they injected some radio active fluid and I was told not to let children close to me for 24 to 48 hours. I have just checked up to make sure I was correct and it states that if you are having external beam radiotherapy it should be quite safe to let children near you. Hope this helps.

    I see your name crop up quite a lot and see you offering help and advice to others even though you are not in the best of places. I'm so pleased I found this site as I have "met" some wonderful people on here in the 3 1/2 years I've been a member.

    I hope the trail goes well for you. sending kind thoughts and best wishes your way, Brian.

  • Hi Jules, thanks so much for your imput on radiation. I guess it depends on how radiation is given and for what purpose, but its' good to at least have some idea as to what kind of questions to ask when I do meet with the team.

    My son has been gone now for more than 12 years, but it seems sometimes like only yesterday. I still miss hime so much and of course, every new event, such as the birth of his precious granddaughter, causes that ache again, although mixed with joy at her birth. To add to that, Kelsey looks just like him, but then my granddaughter, her Mom, looks just like her Dad. Talked about mixed blessings and heartache.

    Jules, I know that Christmas will be difficult at times for you and your family and I think raising a glass in his memory is a good idea. Pretending nothing has changed just doesn't work. Everyone will feel the loss of their father/grandfather, your husband. Better to raise the fact that he is gone, shed your tears, share good memories of him and allow everyone to express their feelings about it. The elephant in the room just doesn't work at a time when traditional holiday times arrive. My thoughts and prayers will be with you at that time.

    I will certainly let you know how things go with me once I learn more about it. I guess its' just another challenge in this cancer journey. Thanks for your caring and support.

    Hugs. Lorraine