Benefits entitlement

My husbands cousin has been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma and is undergoing immunotherapy ipi/nivo.  He is struggling to pay his bills and is just about managing to work albeit he is not highly paid.   He has asked us if we can help him financially.  As he struggles to manage his affairs on his own, we help him as much as we can.  I was wondering if he is allowed to claim any help from benefits that could help him pay his bills.  He has no mortgage or rent to pay as we assisted him and his mother to buy a house together a few years ago so that she could spend her last few years with her son, she has now passed.  He therefore pays out usual council tax, gas electric, etc. but he is struggling with that , we are also concerned if the cancer gets worse and he can no longer work how he will manage without us helping him.  He is 60 years old.  Thank you