Mum diagnosed with cancer spread to multiple organs following breast cancer 4 years ago.

We have just found out mums breast cancer has turned up in Liver, lungs and ribs, four and a half years after original treatment.

We have a river cruise in Germany that was already booked earlier this year for November. Been looking at moving it forward but can't seem to get reasonable insurance quotes since this diagnosis, plus other medical history, we're quoted over £3000. She's been put on tamoxifen not any other treatment. Does anyone have any suggestions/ experience of where we might get reasonable cover or should we just cancel the trip?

  • A very warm welcome to the Cancer Chat community Alyd although I'm really sorry to hear your mum's cancer has spread to her liver, lungs and ribs. 

    Hopefully some of our members will offer their recommendations and advice to you soon, but I hope this information we have about getting travel insurance will help in the meantime.

    It may also be worth getting in touch with Macmillan, as you will be able to discuss this further with one of their financial advisers.

    We're thinking of you AlyD and will have our fingers crossed you're able to get a good quote so you can bring the river cruise forward. It sounds like a lovely holiday and I really do hope you and your mum will be able to share this wonderful experience together.

    Kind regards,

    Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator