Prostate Cancer & now car's broken!

Hello all

I need some advice please

I have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, I've had a Prostatectomy but I've not yet received the all clear

I'm also paying child maintenance too

(I know, when it rains it pours!)

I've just returned to work, after six weeks, and my car has decided to break down. It's too old to consider expensive repairs so I'll need to purchase a newer second hand car

Would I be able to apply for an unsecured bank loan and/or apply for finance? 

I'm fearful that should my application be rejected this would affect my credit score 

Has anyone experienced similar and, if so, is it sensible to proceed?

Many thanks in advance 


  • Hi HPaulW,

    Welcome to Cancer Chat. It sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment - I hope you are getting on OK.

    It might be worth having a look at the benefits and financial support section on the Macmillan website - there may be some options to explore there. You can also call their helpline if you'd like to talk to someone.

    Otherwise, if others here have similar experience to share then hopefully you'll get some more replies soon.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Cancer Chat Moderator