Struggling to get insurance to go on a cruise as I have terminal cancer. Can anyone help?


anyone able to advise or help me ?

I have been diagnosed with Myeloma which is terminal I am at stage 2 I've always wanted to go on a cruise 

and have found one to book however I've been unable to get a insurance policy anybody got a suggestion for me

or can recommend a company?



  • Hi Ray and welcome to Cancer Chat, although I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the difficulties you're having getting an insurance policy.

    I hope this information we have about getting travel insurance will help, but for further information and advice it may be worth getting in touch with Macmillan, as they have financial advisers you can speak to about this.

    Many of our members have encountered similar issues when looking for insurance, so you are not alone, and hopefully some of them will stop by soon to offer their tips and advice.

    I do hope the links I've provided will be useful Ray, and I'll have my fingers crossed you're able to go on a wonderful cruise.

    Kind regards,

    Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator