Investigation stage and travel

Oh boy been thrown on to a right roller coaster … partner awaiting liver biopsy for mass in liver with multiple ? Metastases on lungs… feeling fine apart from a cough (which was the start of investigations) apart from not knowing what we are dealing with - we are due to fly to Dubai in July.. he very much still wants to go as feels ‘fine’ and feels it may be last holiday as a family

what do we do, we have no idea about treatment times, plans for treatment … I have checked insurance options and they seem very limited as awaiting investigation 

last family  holiday advice appreciated or any similar experience around expected treatment plans for this presentation.. as having no professional guidance or opinion at present .. only what we have read on NHS app directly from scans 

  • Hello HelseyR

    I'm sorry to hear that your partner is currently waiting for biopsy results. Undoubtedly it's a difficult time for you all and natural that you would both want to make memories and enjoy time together while he is feeling so well. 

    It's really difficult to advise on what you should do as there is still so much that is unknown about the diagnosis or what the specialists will recommend once they have all the required information. 

    I presume from your post that you don't already have travel insurance in place? If that's so then you may find it difficult to get insurance without a firm diagnosis. However, if you use the forum search function at the top of the page to look for the term "travel insurance" you'll find lots of posts where others have shared information about companies that they have found helpful when traveling. 

    Do talk things through with your partner's medical team. It may be that they advise against travelling overseas and perhaps you decide to change your plans. 

    Whatever the outcome of the biopsy results, know that the Cancer Chat community is here to listen and offer any support that we can. 

    Sending you both my best wishes, 
    Cancer Chat moderator